Revenge needs limits – Infinite revenge spawners and wanted murderers revenge

fallout 3 - Revenge needs limits - Infinite revenge spawners and wanted murderers revenge

Being able to choose the revenge option as many times as you want is seriously going to ruin the pvp experience.

People were hounded and followed endlessly by people they killed who just spammed the revenge button every time they died (even if they initiated the slapping/pvp). What's the point of pvp if you win a fight against someone and they are able to just jump up from the dead (full health, and immediately being able to do full damage to you) and continue fighting, and repeating this process without limit, endlessly?

I just can't imagine this being a good idea. It's making me really hesitant to partake in pvp at all because of the possibility of being followed around for the rest of my play session due to a pvp encounter I can't end, even if I win/keep winning (unless I let them win or go through the trouble of having to try and change server).

In my opinion the revenge feature needs to be limited to 1 time per person per pvp encounter (or some kind of cooldown), and that they spawn with half health.

My second peeve is that even wanted murderers can do this.

This totally defeats the purpose of hunting down wanted murderers. And in my personal experience, just defeats the purpose of pvping at all.

If there are life-hacks that I don't know about to counter any of this (other than willingly lose or change server), please let me know!


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