Rifleman/sniping needs help. There’s little to no reason to pick it anymore.

fallout 7 - Rifleman/sniping needs help. There’s little to no reason to pick it anymore.

Let’s be real. How many of use actually use semi auto rifles or snipe? Yeah there are probably a good few of us. But equally speak. How many were rifleman/snipers and switched because the style got hit so hard that it’s not worth the tradeoff anymore.

The damage change may have only hit the damage by a few points but its not that big of problem. I think the problem is the weapon scaling, and the lack of specialized weapons as a whole. Perks matter too. But doubt we will see any perk changes coming soon.

The whole point of rifleman/sniping is to have high base damage per shot fired. Which is fine. The problem? What I just said, is completely dwarfed by commando. Since ammo is dirty cheap and can be gained without any issue thanks to daily ops.

Once you toss sneak in the mix the problem gets gapped even more. As a “class” so to speak. It feels worthless to play unless you just really like the play style.

I for one would like to see the base damage go up across the board. Or buffing the semi auto rifle base damage at least would help. In addition give us damage boost when hitting targets out at range and still deal the damage we are dealing in close range. Like I can hit a Super Mutant in its head with a .308 Winchester and all I get is “ouch, head hurt.” How is that fun?

I’m all for sharing a decent pool with commando. As I said. Buff the more dedicated rifleman stuff. Hunting rifle is cool at level before 30. But a fully maxed out hunting rifle with Ultracite .308 or the .50 is like going to war with a BB gun. Lever action could use a flat damage boost or at least give it an ammo tab and let us add perforating to our ammo. Gauss rifle is fine damage wise. Black powder does what it needs to. The Dragon needs to be fixed since it’s glitched and causing people to do bad things.


Moving forward give us a little more in the weapons and armour pool.

Dedicated integrally suppressed rifle for the mid to late game. Treat it like the fixer and give it a pseudo effect one that makes hitting weak spots deal more damage.

A hybrid burst fire rifle. Let it have high base damage and not be affect by rifleman. Or give it receiver set that is effected by rifleman and commando. Rifleman has to fire per trigger which is faster. And commando which is auto but has a long burst delay.

Lastly. Since the Anti Material Rifle is being talked about lately. Give us an end game rifle that like the Fixer and the first weapon hear talked about a unique semi effect. Make it .50, super high damage, slow bolt cranking, small mag pool. But has a chance to stun enemies. Your hitting then with a mass .50 cal round. Make it mean something.

And for armour. While this I guarantee will make some mad. Give us an armour effect that rewards us for doing our role. Give it +2 PCIAL while in caution/danger. That’s fair imo. Even with that commando could use that armour, pistols, shotguns, even heavies could use that.

I don’t want rifleman/sniper/sneaks of them to be OP. But there only so much we can do and as of now we can barely do that.

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