RL dates of fallout events in 76.

fallout 6 - RL dates of fallout events in 76.

I wanted to know what the approx RL dates in 76 we'd reach certain events with the x20 timescale from Fallout 76. Here's what I came up with:
from here are in brackets>

Nov 15, 2018 the Master begins work on his super mutant army

Mar 25, 2019 the Institute is born

Aug 17, 2020 Mr. House wakes

Oct 09, 2021 the Water Chip dies and the Vault Dweller goes to find another. (Fallout 1 begins)

Jun 05, 2022 the Master falls. (fallout ends)

Mar 05, 2023 the birth of the NCR, and the Followers of the Apocalypse

Aug 17, 2023 the Enclave actively begins prep work on taking back America

Jan 27, 2025 Shaun is taken from his parents in Vault 111

Jul 01, 2025 the Enclave find Mariposa Military Base

Oct 02, 2025 the Chosen One starts searching for the G.E.C.K. (Fallout 2 begins)

Oct 23, 2025 the Chosen One destroys the Enclave's oil rig (Fallout 2 ends)


Jan 27, 2026 Caesar's Legion is born

Jun 22, 2026 the Brotherhood arrives in the Capital Wasteland, and establishes the Citadel

Aug 16, 2026 the Lone Wanderer is born (Fallout 3 begins)

July 22, 2027 the Lone Wanderer leaves Vault 101, and saves project purity (Fallout 3 ends)

Oct 6, 2027 the Courier is shot in the head, and then takes a dam (Fallout New Vegas happens)

Jan 24, 2028 the Sole Survivor wakes up in 111, and takes the commonwealth (Fallout 4 happens)

NOTES I added 2 RL days based off the 40 hours of total beta time from the longest beta total possible, and then timed from the launch in 9 days. Fallout 76 starts 296 days into the year of 2102, and where specified I used the exact day of the year for events using this tool. Where unspecified I used the first day of the year resulting in a maximum margin of error, and possible event length of 18 days 6 hours RL days (one year in the fallout time scale).


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