RNG/Player Market/Burnout

fallout 5 - RNG/Player Market/Burnout

I have wanted a hellstorm missle launcher since it was announced, i haven't even gotten the plan yet and i have played 80% of the days since daily ops was released last year, i also only see 3 war glaives drop since i got the war glaive plan on the SECOND DAY OF DAILY OPS RELEASE.

The RNG on drop rates is horrendous and sucks any joy i have out of obtaining these items, i will never get a quad hellstorm missle launcher i have resigned myself to this fate. It's not about slow and steady progress, it's about not getting lucky.

If players could trade all these items they would have way more value, also they wouldn't feel bad if they diluted their loot pools with these plans you get from ops.

All you have to do is make it so they need to learn the plan to equip it or some other equip req. like higher levels.

You can still semi-gate it so it's not so easy to unlock, but still allows you to purchase items and trade them.

The new daily ops update is simply adding more armor pieces that is going to make it even harder to get armor you actually want making it so you don't even want to learn the plans and you will not be able to get rid of half this junk with a whole 3 whopping sets that you have a hard time getting rid of that will fill your inventory.

SS, recon, and new scout.

That's too much, esp for items you may not even use.

Get a god roll on a character? Who cares you won't use it since it's the wrong build.

Maybe special loadouts is a band-aid fix for that, but really most people prob. won't even bother learning the new recon armor when its not better than stuff you can craft and doesn't even have a jetpack. IF they do learn it they doomed themselves to mountain of useless armor pieces that they can't get rid which already happens with SS and recon armor.


It's so hard to obtain these items/sets and Bethesda wants to keep the same insane RNG despite the fact they are not tradeable.

Why such terrible range for drops? Who are they being made rare for? Isn't that a player market balance?

Worst part is that half these items are not even better than what you can craft(SS armor) but also the older weapons themselves. If you have a B 25 FF bloody plasma gat, who cares about gauss minigun or any other heavy weapon, also you can trade for a even more powerful explosive legacy version!

A player market will keep players playing more than duping would drive them away!(not that you shouldn't go after dupers)

All these limitations do is discourage and screw over the fun of legitimate players. I seen post a while back that to get a perfect god roll set of newer armor it can take upwards to 15+ years potentially. Insanity!

Why make things that rare if you are not even making it rare for a player market? We are going to get bored of this game before ever getting what we want.

The burnout is real and as others have said RNG ISN"T CONTENT. Let alone RNG that was built to make things rare for a player market.

Please balance the game around legitimate players instead of dupers. Put a "learn the plan" limitation to equip them or something and allow the trading of these items.

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