Saved from mole men by Captain America

fallout 7 - Saved from mole men by Captain America

So, my wife and I have enjoyed playing F76, even with the flaws and all. Last night, after a short session of roaming the wasteland with her, she went to bed, but not before she casually mentioned that her armor needed repairing. (Small hint, maybe?) So, after she was asleep, I decided to go and find the material she needed. Of course no vendor had it, so I went to the only place I knew had it. The mines full of mole men in the southern region of the map. So there I go, in my half broken armor, (no powersuit), nice white t-shirt, and pressed khakis. (I forgot my hat…) I went to the train station, saw a few mole men. And proceeded to snipe them with my hunting rifle. Here is where it went wrong. Perhaps it was my lack of quality weaponry that did it. Or maybe, it was my business casual appearance. Or even that I was alone, at night, with the audacity to start trouble with them. In any case, when I shot the 1st mole man, (he must have been very beloved by his peers)every other critter dropped what they were doing, loaded their guns and rocket launchers, and came after me with a determination that I have only seen in movies! I held my own for a while, but when stim packs were exhausted, AP was drained, and grenades lost, I was reduced to fast walking in small circles to avoid a quick death. Just as I prepared to die alone in the dark, under a wave of mole men, I hear the whir of a mini gun. Look!! A hero in white power armor, with a blue star on his chest! "What's up man? You good?" He proclaimed. I took a deep breath and watched him dispatch my enemies with ease. He then pulled out a sword and chopped up their bodies for good measure. He then took a look at me and said "you need better armor. Wait here. And I will make you some." So I stood there, and watched him exit his suit, craft me some great armor, and present it to me. By the time I was done putting on the armor, he waved goodbye and ran off to save more desperate players like myself.
Thanks to you. Captain America! I did make it home with the materials for my wife. And when she wakes up i will tell her of your heroism, and how you saved her husband! Good players make this game great!

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