School me, let’s talk PVP and fighting back

fallout 2 - School me, let's talk PVP and fighting back

I'm level 150 something, and have only tried PVP twice. Now, I want to fight back against those jerks that just keep slapping you. I'm fine with slapping once or twice to see if I want to play, but not over and over and over. My usual MO is to just start running around them in circles, then just keep standing in front of them when they try to walk or run away. In other words, annoy them like they annoy me. However, I want to fight back. So I need some good pointers and understanding in PVP.

First, I'm melee. I have some good melee weapons, both for out of PA and in. The best though, obviously being out of. I have the top mutations for non bloodied. (Talon, speed demon, marsupial, scaly skin, grounded, and electrified, as well as level 3 class freak)

Second, what is the deal with the unyielding/sentinel/vanguard builds? I get what they do, but what are the ways around them? Example, my son loves hunting bounties. Today he got his butt handed to him by an obvious bloodied build He didn't have a lot of health. He successfully sneak attacked him with a full strength, modified extra claw, meat hook. So like 800 damage. That barely knocked a tiny bit of health off the guy. Then, said guy turned around and one hit him, launching him into orbit. How does that even happen? A sneak attack doing over 2x damage (he has some ninja perks, not sure what level) barely touches the guy? How could he have negated his resistances? Crits? AA?


Anti-armor weapons… is this the end all be all for PVP? Personally I have several AA weapons (all melee) and maxed incisor. How much of a difference would that make to the overall equation? I'm personally thinking suppressor in order to minimize their return damage. But, maybe AA is the best? Or assassins?

I typically run around in T60 lvl 50 PA when doing things that involve rads. Otherwise I have a mix of 3-2* legendary marine and heavy BoS or polymer combat armor.

I'd enjoy it if someone more skilled could walk me through all of this, even working with me live in game. All I want to do is nail someone giving me slap damage/grief. I have no desire to hit people and engage them in PVP. If I've posted this to the wrong forum and there is a dedicated PVP forum, please let me know. I searched for an fo76 pvp reddit, but just came up with posts here that are mostly pre-patch 6 on this generic fo76 forum. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to respond.

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