Second week after patch 9.5 and still no fix for the european version of the game

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Second week after patch 9.5 and still no fix for the european version of the game

bethesda game studios - Second week after patch 9.5 and still no fix for the european version of the game@Bethesda-Game-Studios

What would have gotten a hotfix on any other game is in this game still bugged and not even officially reconigzed for another week.

For us, playing this game on an other language than english, possum challenges, enemy names and even item descriptions are still messed up, showing false tasks and senseless wording.

Possum challenges still impossible to complete, as they show tasks like "nuclear winter", "template: gun" or "reach overseer rank 24". Yes, by turning the ps4 language to english on ps4 menue is a workaround, but in no way any help to those of us that don't speak proper english and struggle to understand. Not to mention that it turn EVERYTHING to english related to EVERYTHING on the ps4.

For the love of god, pls fix ASAP! With a million bugs in game ignored already over months, i hope you at least realize that some of us would love to complete at least our possum challenges to get the backpack mods we want or need. And btw, it's also not fun to fight enemies named "reach overseer rank 24" or "template: stock". That's just pathetic.


Edit: Just an example.

(Note: "Erreiche Aufseherrang 24" means translated "reach overseer rank 24")


But it's the false text/tasks on possum challenges that make them uncompletable therefor that's really frustrating.


Edit 2: Thanks for all the support and empathy so far. Might be helpful to get a fix that makes the game's challenges completable again for those of us, that lack proper english to understand what to do to complete them.

Edit 3: Some more possum challenge tasks: "gladiator mask", "nuclear winter: group objectives", "Inferno Mk 1, 2, 3" paint, "nuclear winter trophys", "platinum overseer", "semi and big nuclear winter stash", "nuclear winter copper, bronze, silver and gold statue".

Edit 4: Honestly, this post got downvoted a few times and just can't understand that. Can't understand how some downvote a post that means to have no other purpose than getting a fix on a gamebreaking issue that affects a lot of gamers negatively. Just don't get it. If i could go with -infinite karma to get a fix, i gladly would do that and would add a thanks too on top for it. Just smh.

However, again huge thanks for all those that support and show empathy.

Edit 5: So far i knew that italian, russian and german version is affected, but thanks to @herkus it seems that the french is affected too.


(Picture posted on comments by Herkus)

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