Securing Vault 94: A Last-Minute Plea

fallout 7 - Securing Vault 94: A Last-Minute Plea

tl;dr – Bethesda, please consider a hotfix for the Secure Vault 94 challenge so that some of us can earn and use the cool emote you made, because as it currently stands, roughly nobody has and nobody can.

Vault 94 will be closing soon, and it will be time to say goodbye to vault raids. If you're like me, you've been busily helping friends complete the raids and challenges for weeks now, and have noticed a major obstacle: the Secure Vault 94 challenge. At first this seems like a normal, if grindy, challenge with 9 sub-objectives:

  1. Kill 940 ghouls in the vault
  2. Kill 940 mirelurks in the vault
  3. Kill 940 cave crickets in the vault
  4. Kill 940 stingwings in the vault
  5. Kill 940 bloatflies in the vault
  6. Kill 940 rad ants in the vault
  7. Kill 940 bloodbugs in the vault
  8. Kill 94 honey beasts in the vault
  9. Kill 94 legendary creatures in the vault

On the surface these seem fine. I've been running the raids for months, to the point where I have spare vault steel and am rerolling pieces of armor for better legendary modifiers. I feel comfortable saying that my squad and I (hello other Filthy Casuals!) are in the upper percentile of folks doing raids. And all of us are lamenting our total inability to complete this one challenge. We'd love to commemorate the raids with that emote, but there are… problems.

Half of the objectives are easy without taking any special measures at all. Mirelurks and ghouls are the only enemies in Dead in the Water, and there's a ton of them in Meltdown as well, so those are fine. On the bugs side, Washout is absolutely stuffed with cave crickets, bloatflies, and stingwings. Seriously why so many bloatflies.

Then, we hit the challenging ones. Bloodbugs don't spawn nearly as much as the other insects, but if you dedicate yourself to farming them, it's very doable, as both the Agriculture wing of Meltdown and Pump Control during Washout spawn a ton and are easily accessible. Honey Beasts, well… Washout will reliably spawn two at the very end in the Atrium, and Meltdown can spawn like 7 in the Agriculture wing if you're patient and running Novice. But that's why you only need 94. Legendary creatures, once you know when those spawn, you can reliably tag those and eventually build up 94 of them. If you tag on average 2 legendaries per run (very achievable), that's 47 raids. Cool, fine, it's on par with honey beasts.


Then we have ants. Rad ants spawn in two places: Engineering wing of Meltdown, and Residential wing during Washout. Don't even worry about the second one there, if you're farming ants and having to fight your way through to Residential every time, you're gonna be sad (similarly I'm not counting the sprinkling of ants in Washout's Atrium). Besides, when running Washout, the maze-like Residential wing is where you want to spend the least time. This leaves the Engineering wing of Meltdown, which I have repeatedly farmed until enemies stop spawning just to see how many ants I can rack up.

My high score is 20. Usually it's less. And that's under ideal conditions, with me soloing Novice difficulty on a private server. If you're in a group on a moderately laggy public server, good luck even seeing ten ants, and tagging half of those. So under ideal conditions, if you hit every single rad ant and hit my high score consistently, you can get the objective in as many runs as you'd take for legendaries or honey beasts. But for most people on most group runs, let's assume you get six ants (optimistic!), which adds up to over 150 runs.

This is, quite simply, ridiculous. This leads to my central thesis: please Bethesda, consider a hotfix to make this possible for anybody to achieve, before the vault is sealed. We may all be sheltering in place, but even those of us who've been running for months cannot finish this one. Before I started grinding ants a few days ago out of curiosity, I had about 150/940. And as much as I love the raids and this game, I just… I just can't.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, in conclusion, rad ants suck. I'll be taking questions from atop the secondary reactor in the Engineering wing.

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