Self Inflicted “Hard Mode”

fallout 6 - Self Inflicted "Hard Mode"

Remember booting up Fallout 3 or 4 for the 1st time not knowing what to do or where to go? No fast travel enabled yet, no overpowered weapons, scraping together enough materials just to repair you crappy leather armor? How about the anxiety of seeing a Mirelurk for the 1st time or not having enough bullets to go up against a squad of Raiders so you go out of your way to avoid main roads and land marks?

In Fo76 the hardships of the game last for maybe 25lvls and before you know it you have a legendary weapon that outright vaporizes most enemies in seconds and so many bullets that you barely have space in your inventory. Dying means nothing as long as you have no scrap on you and almost everyone around you is lvl 100+ and can eliminate every threat from blood tick to scorchbeast with ease.

Because of these reasons (and the fact that I have 0 dollars to buy cyber punk) I created a self inflicted "Hard Mode" with some very simple perameters and it goes as follows:

1: No Legendary Weapons or Gear.

I like to believe that in the Fallout Universe legendary weapons are just that… LENGENDARY and inherently rare. What are the odds of some Joe Schmoe wandering around the waste land with a double barreled shotgun that shoots 8 rounds, he would just have an 8 barreled shotgun! Lol as ridiculous as that would look.

2: Walk everywhere.

The Adventure/Survival portion of the game is in the journey, if you can just fast travel everywhere youre losing like 85% of the game and besides, you paid for a full game may as well see the sights.

3: Start each journey/quest with a maximum of 100 ammo.

One of the most realistic things they added to fo76 was ammo carryweight to everyones chagrin. With the lack of legenday armor, youre gonna need all the carryweight you can get. Also playing with reduced ammo forces you to think on your feet and to choose your battles carefully.


4: Only carry 3 weapons; main, side arm and a melee.

In fo76 we all have a "Problem Solver" weapon. Accidentally wandered into a scorchbeast hive? I got a 2 shot grenade launcher for that. Feeling overwhelmed by super mutants? I got an Explosive Fixer for that. Point I'm trying to make is what the hell are you gonna do at the whitesprings when your bitch ass handmade runs out of ammo on the 99th headshot on a horde of ghouls? That was a trick quedtion, we dont go to the whitesprings, it aint safe.

5: Stay fed, stay hydrated and stay rested.

The new update removed the penalties of starvation and dehydration which only makes sense since you'll be spending hours at a time in the new fallout shelters without food or water. However remember the part I said about how travel is 85% of the journey? Well staying fed, hydrated and rested is 10% of that. Scavenging to find food or hunting radstags adds depth and meaning to your journies and it'll lead toits own set of drama for sure.

6: You only live once.

Without the threat of a gameover there is no consequence. The solution to this part is simple, just throw your console out the window if your character dies.. Is that too much? How about you just have to respawn at the starting point and you have to make the journey all over again.

With these few rules the game really is much more enjoyable and I even use the portable camps as a kind of quick save funtion as a place to respawn when I have to log off.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this as I'm always looking for reasons to keep playing this game.

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