Seriously Bethesda?!?

fallout 6 - Seriously Bethesda?!?

Upon the last update many that had been temp banned had been re-instated and were able to play the game again. I was one of these individuals. I was really happy to be able to play again and quite excited to see all the new features of the new dlc. From my brief time playing I really enjoyed the new quests, crafting modes, new power armor paint, and new locations to explore. But however all that excitement was short lived. I had only been playing for a couple hours over the course of a couple days and I hopped on today to find out that I was locked out of my account once again!!! With the same error message when logging in “Login failed. This account is not authorized.” I’m still quite at a loss for words. I really haven’t been able to do anything in the game after being re-instated so I’m really confused as to why. In the few hours I was able to play I traded with two players. One trade for two sets of plans in exchange for a clean space suit and the other, for a responder fireman outfit. If I did something wrong i would love to know why so I could plan accordingly. I haven’t ever duplicated and never will not even before I was temp banned weeks ago. I assume I was suspended for being in possession of too many “rare” items but who knows. I would message Bethesda support about this, but they have only shown me an inability or want to respond to my support claims in the past so how is this any different. I have always loved the games that Bethesda has developed as well as Fallout 76. Even with all of its bugs it’s a fun game and I enjoy playing it with my friends but, I am so disappointed by all of this craziness with the duping and banning those that had been in possession of too many items that Bethesda deemed “rare.” All I want is to play the game, that’s all. I am not interested in exploits or anything of that nature. And if anything, I just wanted to play the game how it was intended to avoid any further issues. But, too late. If this has happened to anyone else I am really sorry and I hope that it all works out and people can get back to playing. As for me wether or not I can play again, I am really unsure if I can carry on. I’m just so done with all of it. What a waste of time and money. Part of me feels if I knew how much grief this game would have given me, I would have never purchased it let alone pre-order it. I would love for Bethesda to change my mind and make me feel happy about playing again but I don’t see that happening since their support team doesn’t seem to care about what I reported on in the past. Well for those can still play, lucky you! And I hope that others don’t fall victim to this same ordeal.


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