Seriously, FO76 is terrible.

fallout 4 - Seriously, FO76 is terrible.

I really did defend this game when it came out. I can’t believe I did that.

I grinded this broken game. I’ve dealt with the crashes, damage bugs, and even the greifers who could kill you while you’re in passive.

I’m level 101. Walking around in the mire. See a lvl 28 has a 40 cap bounty. Decide, “eh, I’ll take his bounty.” I walk over to him and he starts shooting me. He’s gotta wait for me to engage. So I pull out my 3* Legendary handmade. Has Explosive damage, Increase damage per consecutive shot, and +50 damage resistance. Base damage is 208. I also have lvl 50 X-01 PA

I shoot him to engage. I’m thinking “2 to 3 shots and he’s dead”. I shoot him once and did 1/3 of his health but before I could even pull the trigger again BAM, one shot me. Lose 101 CAPS to a lvl 28 who can ONE SHOT ME. Now I’m pissed, (No, I did not seek revenge) I walk back there to hopefully take down this BIG STRONG LVL 28! Nope, now the game lets HIM ENGAGE ME. Poof, I’m dead again.



A lot of people have been asking this question here.

I like grinding in games. That’s what I liked. The reason I like grinding games is for the PVP at end game. What’s the point of grinding if low levels get to absolutely destroy you? What is the end game in FO76? Queen? Nah, she drops jack. What’s the point of her dropping items? So you can kill her more times? No, it’s for PVP. There’s no point to grinding when low level just get to win. Why should a level 28 ever win against a 101?

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