Server disconnects getting worse since the free trial of Nuclear Winter.

fallout 7 - Server disconnects getting worse since the free trial of Nuclear Winter.

The number of comments on this sub concerning server disconnects across all platforms has increased since the Nuclear Winter and Vault 51 BR was introduced. Now that the free trial period is over, there’s even MORE of a disconnect issue. This issue seems to be a problem across all platforms.

I’m basing this observation on chats with other players on my platform, Xbox. But I have also been chatting with others players off-line on both PlayStation and PC. At first we all thought the influx of new players into Adventure was the issue. Now, I’m not so sure.

In my own experience, I have been on since BETA. At that time disconnects were about every two hours. As patches came out, things progressively got better. Just prior to the NW patch, I could be in Adventure for 3-4 hours without a problem. When the NW patch and free trial went live, that time decreased to about 2 hours. Now, since the free trial has expired, server disconnects occur every 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Bethesda, what exactly is going on with US servers? When a ticket is submitted, you get the pat answer of “it must be on your end”, if you get a response at all. Not to sound like I’m special, but a 300 Mbps fiber connection on my own node, with the console directly connected to the modem via Cat5…no, it’s not on my end thank you.

I think your CUSTOMERS, those people that PURCHASED your product, deserve a straight answer. I can assure you if this continues, those low level players that only joined up because of the free trial will leave in waves. Which means no one to purchase Atom packages. Bethesda, you guys really need to take a closer look at your core infrastructure. If GM or Ford released a new vehicle, and people were have this many problems with that product, don’t you think the issue would be addressed and fixed to protect the company reputation and the company’s customers? Especially those loyal customers that keep buying the same brand?


And while we’re at it, will there be any patches to fix the numerous bugs that have always been around since BETA?

  • camps that can’t be place or built/rebuilt properly
  • no place to respawn upon death even if unencumbered
  • sliding enemies
  • invisible enemies
  • disappearing enemies
  • dead enemies you killed that have the spinning circle for a loot table
  • crucified enemies
  • audio going softer and dead gun turrets that keep firing
  • broken quests that can’t be completed
  • a camera that is difficult for many to find
  • legendary enemies not dropping legendary loot
  • “you camp can’t be placed” but there is absolutely no other camp near your location
  • swapping servers to end up in the server you just left

There are more “core” issues that have yet to be addressed in this missive. There is a user here that publishes a more detailed and comprehensive list every week or so. And I won’t go into my personal problems in the game (like loosing two high level characters upon logging on one day). The truth of the matter is that it don’t “just work” as Todd Howard said. It’s just broke.

You guys really need to address these issues, especially server stability, and be open and forthcoming with your customers. Let us know a little more than “we are aware”. Let us know you are aware, what the issue may be, and a time line for the repair. At least that would give all of us something to look forward to when we suffer through the game.

Thank you for listening. Let the flaming and downvoting begin.

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