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Bethesda Dev #1: "Ok, how are we implementing players getting their hands on plans again? Are the rare and desirable ones going to drop from Scorch Beasts, I guess?"

Bethesda Dev #2: "No, we looked at that, and you have to understand – if we make the good things reliably drop from an enemy in the game, no matter how hard we make that enemy, players will be farming it in a week and soloing it in a month. I swear to god, the online gaming community is like some kind of hive mind that has the single purpose of destroying game play loops and grinds with terrifying efficiency. They will have discovered every plan and modification there is to know before we even have the first DLC with the QA people."

Bethesda Dev #1: "Shit, yeah… when you put it like that… So what are we doing instead?"

Bethesda Dev #2: "Oh, well we're just going to put it in the hands of the good lord RNGesus and have plans spawn with a crazy low probability at vendors and spawn with soul destroying infrequency from the big bads in Cranberry Bog."


Bethesda Dev #1: "Wow, but I mean won't the players just find a way to get around that? I mean, the assets re-spawn when they log in again, don't they? What if they all just decide to server hop and get the plans that way?"

Bethesda Dev #2: "No, really – the spawn rate is so low, it only just falls short of the legal definition of torture. They would have to server hop for… god, I don't know… dozens, maybe hundreds of hours before they could collect even most of them. Trust me, there is absolutely no way anyone is going to subject themselves to that kind of punishment willingly."


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(( Not ranting about server hopping or Bethesda Devs by any means! I just think after playing a lot of games and hanging around a lot of subs, developers always underestimate how quickly a collected group of people with similar goals can solve problems that were meant to take a great deal of time to solve. See you in the Wasteland! ))

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