Server instability destroys end-game items, Bethesda support can do nothing

fallout 2 - Server instability destroys end-game items, Bethesda support can do nothing

I've spent about 700 hours playing FO76 so far on PC, and honestly the thing that has me keeping with the game is the trading aspect with other players. It's a lot of fun and if you're a min/maxer, it's essentially the only way to get the best gear for your characters since you'll basically never loot it yourself. As a rifle build focused on crits, I have a very small list of things I'm in search of.

Last night, after the culmination of a ton of hours of trading effort put in over the course of about two months, I finally catch a break. Someone is willing to sell me a few extremely excellent items including an Instigating/VATS Critical Handmade, and I finally have enough to buy them totaling essentially all of my current wealth (minus a few hundred on each character to fast travel). I buy everything and seal the deal, and then log off for the evening because it's late.

This morning I log onto my character and decide to run around, sell to all vendors for the day, and then finally clean up at my CAMP. At the end of my CAMP shenanigans, I realize these items are still in my inventory, so I make the innocuous decision to deposit them in my stash. We've all been there! You get a cool thing, and you want to store it to use it later, in my case transfer it to my main with a friend! Seems reasonable, right?

I open my stash a few times, it doesn't load my items. Fine, you know, it happens. Just keep trying. Eventually it loads, and I deposit my items into it. It wasn't until after I deposited them and started browsing what I had that I realized my stash weight hadn't gone up. I then noticed that my items weren't in the stash. No big deal, right? Just a server/client sync problem we've all dealt with before. I close the stash to reopen it and then… "Server Not Responding, Controls Have Been Disabled".

Then I crash to main menu. Frantically, I load any server and check my stash and my inventory. My items are completely missing from both places, and I am utterly devastated. After several minutes of staring blankly at my screen wondering how in the world this game could possibly eat my items when a server disconnects just as I'm putting stuff in my stash, I have the brilliant idea to contact Bethesda support. All online games like FO76 always have item restoring or local rollback powers with sufficient logging.


Flash forward several hours to when I get a response to my ticket, and this is what I read:

"Please be aware that due to tool limitations we cannot effect in-game items, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, or quest progress and are not able to restore any items."

What even can I do? I don't even know how to continue playing the game. Not only are the specific legendary weapon combinations I acquired exceedingly rare and basically impossible to replace, but it took over a month to acquire the resources to purchase said items. Assuming I redo everything, I then have to make sure I find the items that people want in trades to even acquire my goals again.

This whole thing has highlighted so many enormous problems with FO76 that are crippling to its veteran playerbase. This has happened before to other folks where items just vanish during events or whatever, and support can't do anything other than to say that they're sorry and can't help. A lot of googling of similar problems has shown me that this isn't a new problem, even if it is fairly rare. It's moments like that that really put someone close to quitting. I love this game a lot, but I can't just replace those things I lost. I'm going to try to keep playing because the whole process is fun, but I'm just not going to get over this random loss. And who can say this won't happen again? How terrified should I be every time I deposit an item in my stash from now on? Should I test server stability somehow by randomly dropping ammo on the floor before I handle anything meaningful in my inventory?


  • I wish Bethesda would've been more prepared when launching this bloody game.
  • I wish Bethesda's support had the tools to actually help their community when their game breaks. GW2, WoW, all games like this have said support capabilities.
  • I wish this game were stable enough and secure enough that a random server disconnect wouldn't eat your best items.
  • I wish the best legendaries weren't so irreplaceably rare that a loss like this could cripple my will to continue playing the game. (Hopefully that merchant in May actually helps)

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