“Server not Responding” my clan goes hunting for Dupers!

fallout 8 - "Server not Responding" my clan goes hunting for Dupers!

My clan and myself have taken up a new past time. Everytime we see a "server not responding" notice, we go hunting for the morons who are knowingly duping. We check every single player on the maps we are on.

Yesterday, the 8 of us (two different groups) ran into 3 dupers near the top of the world in their C.A.M.P.S One of them had their power armor just sitting out like a moron. We watched from far off through our scopes, then ran in and stole it all. He lost all his pretty lvl 50 X-01. Once he realized we had stolen it, he started screaming open mic. Like the bi*ch he is, you know who you are mate. His friends shot at us, we defended ourselves, and killed them all. Stole all their duped items in the box nearby, and destroyed their C.A.M.P.S We then ungrouped and killed eachother to get rid of the WANTED tags.


Moral of the story: Stop fu*king duping. You're ruining other players game play, and we're sick of it. My clan is 300+ strong, all playing FO76. And we're looking for dumb fu*k dupers. You are a great source of pvp, and we very much enjoy greifing you.

Bethesda start BANNING dupers, or we will contuine to grief them. We've decided to make Youtube videos of our raids on dupers starting today! We're going to wreck you, steal your shit, and publicly shame you!

P.S. – My clan mate who just hit lvl 50 loves your X-01 power armor. He really likes the Black Bird paint job you paid $20 for too.

P.S.A. – If you leave your Power Armor Chassis sitting out with Power Armor on it, anyone can walk over, and transfer off your Power Armor into their inventory and walk away. If us greifing a duper offends you, gtfo!

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