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So, in Fallout 76, there’s this place called the Atlas Observatory located up in the Savage divide. Outside it is usually a sentry bot and some turrets, and a few robots as well. Inside is a bunch more robots and turrets and etc.

Now, if you explore around the observatory’s interior a little bit and do some digging around, you can find out info about how basically the Atlas Observatory wasn’t actually an observatory but rather a cover up for a secret government project to build a machine with which they can manipulate and control the weather. Most of the terminals have corrupted data inside and I can’t figure out why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that the place has no power.

Anyways, my quite basic idea is for an event revolving the Atlas Observatory and it’s inactive weather changing machine. Basically, here’s what I think the event should revolve….

Going to the Atlas Observatory will trigger the event

  • Event triggers, you get a notification per usual and the first task is to enter the Observatory
  • Upon entering, you encounter robots that you have to fight and turrets that you must disable as usual
  • Once disabling the turrets and killing the robots, you go down to the middle floor of the observatory, go to one of the terminals in the main control room, and attempt to start up the weather changing machine
  • The terminal will tell you that you cannot start the weather machine until the power is activated and the system has been armed
  • Next you must go to the basement and repair the generators to get the power back up and running
  • Once getting the power up and running, the event prompts you to go to the control room and use the terminal to fabricate robots so they can do their magic and arm the weather machine, similar to the whole system for arming the nukes in the bunker before launch
  • While the robots work their magic, you have to fight off a few small waves of Protectrons and Mr. Handy robots
  • After fighting a few waves of robots, the system is armed and you are free to choose from a few types of storms to launch and a general location to launch them via a terminal in the control room

The only types of storms I could think of are…

  • A rad storm
  • A rain storm
  • Maybe a lightning storm

Maybe a few more storms could be created for the event, but it shouldn’t be anything too hasty as it’s just an event

The rewards given for the event could be…

  • A regular gun of some type
  • Some purified water
  • Possibly a fusion core as you had to activate generators
  • Ammo
  • Plans for camp items or armor upgrades
  • Maybe a special weapon with some weather related effect (electricity effect possibly)

This whole thing is just an idea I’ve come up with. It probably won’t get much attention, but thank you to those who stuck around to read my idea.

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