Shear Terror Easter Egg Conspiracy (w/ Maps!)

fallout 6 - Shear Terror Easter Egg Conspiracy (w/ Maps!)

Alright. So you probably know about this post talking about the easter egg in the latest roadmap. There was a map in the Shear Terror DLC image that was covered in arrows, dots, and string, looking a lot like a conspiracy board.

It's conspiracy time!

The original roadmap was a bit small and hard to see. Let's see what we can do.
X3L0F1e - Shear Terror Easter Egg Conspiracy (w/ Maps!)


That's better. Now let's draw those dots, lines, arrows, and words:
UxkCnpd - Shear Terror Easter Egg Conspiracy (w/ Maps!)


(The darker-colored lines were changed to purple & separated from the red lines, juuuuust in case the difference is significant)

Ok. Cool. Now let's overlay the map by lining up the lakes and rivers: KABLAM.

And for something more solid… WHOA.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about. You can see where each dot is, and where each line goes (allowing for a small margin of error, of course).

There's a lot you could take from this map; but some locations from the other post don't seem to quite line up.

Crashed Space Station: Yup, it's a match. Circled & labeled as "???". Currently inaccessible.

North Mountain Lookout/Converted Munitions Factory: The Lookout isn't connected, but there *is* a dot just west of the Converted Munitions Factory. Hmm.

Hopewell Cave: Oh yea, that's a match. Big red arrow & all.

Arkos Pharma: Very, very possible. Dot located between Gauley Mine. Could be either.

Flatwoods: Hmm… no? Not many dots nearby, but a line runs straight through it.

Poseidon Energy Plant: Not connected, but just south of a line intersection.

National Isolated Radio Array/Investigator's Cabin: Hmm.. hard to say. The dot & circle landed RIGHT on the West Tek Research Center. West Tek has been known for… *unconventional* experiments. Both seem like suitable locations. Either way, circled and labeled as "CONNECTED?"


Mount Blair: Oh yea, that's a match. There's a dot right on it.

Lucky Hole Mine: Hmm… seems like the ideal location for cryptid stuff, but the dot landed south of it. Note the little bump of the Savage Divide leaking into the Cranberry Bog. Even on the original map, it doesn't quite line up. The dot ended up landing near Johnson's Acre.

The "FOOTPRINT" arrow points to a little pig on the map. I looked around for a bit, but couldn't find anything of note (or anything of foot).

The "LOST SHEEP" arrow definitely points to Hopewell Cave. Hmm.

I looked for sheep on the map, and hey! There's a little sheep, just southwest of Flatwoods. He could be lost. What's there? Not much. Just a
snapped tree surrounded by plants, although there was a
AC9FZ7d - Shear Terror Easter Egg Conspiracy (w/ Maps!)bloodleaf
growing on a nearby rock. Bloodleaves usually grow near water. No water in sight. Huh.

There's a couple of dots on the map not included in the last post. The first is in the northwestern corner of the map, north of the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Not many locations around there. Maybe where the Sheepsquash was spotted? The second dot leads off of the map I used. It's west of Beckley, connected to the dot near the Converted Munitions Factory. The third is in the southeastern corner of the map, on the Flooded Trainyard. Hmm.

There's also places where lines intersect. Two red lines seem to intersect just north of Poseidon Energy Plant. They die out before they actually cross, but I added dotted lines to see where they'd go. I went to the location and found… a
gravel pit underneath a power pylon. Gravel? Suspicious. A red line also intersects with a purple one directly east of the Thunder Mountain power plant. Unfortunately, it looks like it's off the map.

Anyway, lots of cool stuff and potential connections! Hope we can uncover some new clues!

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