Silver Screen COO responds to Nuka Rum fiasco.

fallout 2 - Silver Screen COO responds to Nuka Rum fiasco.


"Regarding our product, the COO, Sommelier and product specialist of Silver Screen Bottling Co., Ryan McElveen, has written a note to our customers about the story of the intentional and complex design of the Nuka Dark Rum product.

The packaging of Nuka Dark Rum was a design that was months in the making and we went to great lengths to ensure that no corners were cut. It cost over 2X what it would have if we would have simply cast a glass mold. We went through many prototypes. In fact, in all, we had four different iterations of the design, two of which were glass exteriors. We determined that a glass bottle alone would not have been dramatic enough for the look we wanted. We wanted something big and bold for the loyal Fallout fanbase – something that honored the game. Over 100 hours were spent just writing the code to create the 3D-printed prototype of the shells. The “bottle cap” which is actually an integrated cork/cap, was engineered and re-engineered several times to ensure it fit on the bottle in a manner that looked exactly the way it is supposed to inside of a cork finished bottle (not a screw cap). A design created, specifically, for rum. The idea was that the bottle was housed in a “vault of its own.”


The dimensions of the entire package are 13”x 6”. It is roughly 60% larger than a standard 750 ml bottle and It will stand out on any bar. This is a project we are extremely proud of and we are sorry that you feel that you were in any way deceived. We were very deliberate in the creation of this product and paid great attention to the brand and the quality. Not just the presentation, but the rum inside the bottle as well. We can’t wait for you to see it in person and taste if for yourself, we’re not sure that the images or videos do it justice. Now, if you don’t agree when you receive yours please let our team know by submitting a form in the “Questions About My Order” section below and we will work to make it right."

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First off I think he completely missed the point as far as most people are concerned. It's not the bottle itself, it's the fact we paid $80 for a generic bottle of rum in a generic glass bottle, encased in a cheap generic plastic case. It's all about value, and it is definitely not worth $80.

"Intentional and complex design?". It's a Coke bottle with fins on the bottom. And it's so complex you can't even pour it without putting a liquor bottle spout in the top, which no one outside of a bar has on hand.

"It cost over 2X what it would have if we would have simply cast a glass mold.". Maybe you should have done that then?

"We determined that a glass bottle alone would not have been dramatic enough for the look we wanted.". So we went with plastic, the most dramatic of materials.

Oh well, I guess I have learned a valuable lesson. Good luck to Silver Screen and Bethesda in the future. This will make securing product licensing more difficult for you in the future. Maybe you shouldn't have aimed for "Fallout standards" and set your own.

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