Sim-death-real-death of Fallout 4 Survival mode had I been trapped in the sim for a week (r/askreddit question).

fallout 7 - Sim-death-real-death of Fallout 4 Survival mode had I been trapped in the sim for a week (r/askreddit question).

you’re stuck in a video game for 1 week. you can’t use any cheat code and if you die in the game you die in real life,but every thing you win or earn in the game (money,cars,houses…) will be brought to your life. which video game do you choose and what do you do?


Fallout 4 Survival Mode. I learned in the game that I have to watch my surroundings, take cover, and use meds whenever possible.


Assuming I had the combat skills of never having played Fallout 4 before: waking up from cryogenics, I dodge radroach lunges (like I did with headcrabs in half life) as I stomp and smack them with my baton. I pick up a pistol and save the ammo (when a swarm of radroaches comes at me, I fire several shots while stepping back, the stopping power of the 10mm piercing their carapace, my hands kept jumping from the recoil. Arriving at Sanctuary, I meet up with Codsworth, searching every house for Shaun and killing creatures inside the houses and taking everything that could aid my survival with Codsworth as my point man (since he's a robot). I spent an entire day learning the science on building water pumps and improvised generators (thank you Vault-Tec for the computers) and I hop up on a bed, exhausted.


Day 2, I begin construction of the water purifier and an improvised generator, taking 2 hours of my time and assisted by Codsworth. Feeling hungry, I consume the irradiated watermelons and gourds, and learn how to upgrade my weapon to better function: I upgraded the receiver and barrel to be more tighter on the gas seal and bullet passage. Exhausted from thinking, I sleep.


Day 3, I search the rest of Sanctuary thoroughly for any other items to help my survival, break 4 bobby pins trying to lockpick a safe and brute-force my way into a computer, lucky to find weapons (a .45 caliber pipe revolver rifle with a scope, a pipe pistol, 3 grenades and two Molotovs), ammo, food, chems (I found Calmex, a benzo in one of the places I didnd't look), pure drinking water and some leather armor, upgrading it before I sleep.


Day 4, I build a small wooden shack for 4 hours (assisted with Codsworth). A radstorm rolls by, and I hide in the basement under a house until it passes. My food supplies are still sufficient for a couple more days, I say to myself as I sleep with Codsworth always watching out for me while I sleep.



Day 5, after taking a couple shots with my weapons for accuracy and learning how to toss grenades (with rocks), overcoming my disgust for roaches to cook grilled radroach meat, I cross the bridge to Red Rocket (with all of my stuff in an improvised backpack and stimpaks at the ready), to be greeted by a dog. After firing my 10mm at the bloodbugs. I stumble on a house with chems, Nuka-Cola, a baseball bat and a safe that I can't pick. I take a nap for an hour. I then proceed to make my way to Concord. I heard gunfire in the distance, and, not knowing who's the good guy or bad, I kill 2 distracted raiders with my pipe pistol, then kill the rest of the raiders with my 10mm pistol and judicious use of cover, looting ammo and weapons from them, aware of the risk that the laser fire I saw at the raiders may be an enemy fire. I hear pleas of help from up above, and grab the laser musket and the ammo, put on the ramshackle armor the Raiders wear, and enter not knowing if the guy is hostile. I take a hit of jet just before I enter the Museum of Freedom. My hunch was right: more raiders, but time was slowed: I take cover immediately and made some judicious headshots, wasting some bullets but putting some above me out of the fight. Once the jet wore off and was able to kill the rest after they wasted their improvised machine pistols, I sneaked off to the back of the museum, killing two raiders before they can react with my 10mm (the one with a double barrel that would have ended me). I learned how to better hack and pick locks to get to the power core inside the locked room and snatch the core (thinking I might use it to power another water purifier). I equip more of their ramshackle armor. Second floor, I killed 2 raiders (sneaking then killing them with my 10mm) and opened an ammo box and duffle bag, finding ammunition for the .45 pipe pseudo-sniper and even a pipe .308 rifle with a scope. Weighed down, I left that one for later. I arrived at the third floor just as the raiders were at the door (the likeliest place where the pleas of help were from. I kill two of the raiders with the 10mm, but I ran out mid-magazine, switching to the double barrel shotgun: luckily he was only carrying a pipe wrench and I shot him before he can even retrieve the improvised guns. I yelled at the door: "If you're pretending to call for help and you're all raiders, I have a frag grenade!". They yelled "we surrender! we're not raiders!, as I heard the drop of something heavy like the laser musket. I peeked for a second with my 10mm and saw they were not dressed as raiders. I told them to not come any closer and explain. They then explained that there was a crashed VTOL Vertibird on the roof with power armor and a minigun. I took their word for it but never trusted them: I jumped to the other side of the broken walkway to get to roof access after dropping some gear. I opened the door with my 10mm ready, expecting the worse. They were right: a rusty suit of power armor and a mounted minigun was on the roof. I put on the core, open up the power armor, and clumsily (but quickly learned) how to move in it. My pipe .308 and .45 snipers (and the laser fire) made short work of the raiders, their puny bullets bouncing off the armor but some close range shots giving me backface trauma from the hit: bruises after I exit the power armor. I pop a stimpak to heal the bruises. It was zero hour of Day 6. I heard a massive crash: looking through the scope, I saw something that appeared to be a big creature. I realized the minigun wasn't exactly accurate enough to weaken the creature from a distance, so I switched to the laser musket. Both the guy behind the door and me fired the laser musket at the large creature. When the creature was close enough to be accurately shot with the minigun, I switched to it: it took 20 or so seconds for the creature to go down from the minigun fire. To make sure it was dead, I fired 2 laser musket shots. I exit the roof and enter the room I avoided in power armor (because I realize that they won't stand a chance if they are raiders in disguise). I met Preston Garvey and his compatriots and we headed for Sanctuary, arriving at day 6, 8:25 AM. I was exhausted from combat, so I slept in the shack with Codsworth guarding me. I wake up by 16:45 to find Preston and his compatriots building a generator, a water purifier and one of them fixing the place I took the watermelons (it was actually a crop). I slept and finally trusted them.


Day 7. I wake up by 8:00 (tired from the non-stop combat at the museum). I meet up with Preston, and he names me "General". I was flattered but I still have 3% mistrust in his intentions. I spent the rest of the day building an automated machine gun turret (with ideas from Vault-Tec and Sturges), placing it just far enough away if it goes rogue but near enough to shoot down any bad guys. I slept by 20:00. I wake up in real life: every weapon and item I collected was in the lockers of the sim room. The simulator operators were impressed by how judicious and mistrusting I am of everything, even without formal military training.


PS: it's hard to predict the psychological improvements and other effects to me after I (hypothetically) went through that simulation: maybe my personality and mental illnesses would have changed for the better.

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