Simplified Endgame Idea for Future Update

fallout 4 - Simplified Endgame Idea for Future Update

This is intended to be something that could be implemented without a ton of fuss, as it seems clear that the dungeon and raid approach taken with past updates hasn't been successful. And while they could work again in the future, and I'd love if they did, I think the game really needs endgame sooner than later and a full raid design could take a long time.

So this is my alternative endgame idea:

Design 4 new world bosses, 4 new world events, and 4 new special types of world containers. The bosses should be visually impressive, probably larger than usual; maybe make all of them cryptids so they really bring out the Appalachia feel. The events shouldn't be too complex or have a lot of tedious interactions involved, instead involving things like defending a position from a horde, or storming a tower with multiple levels and a timer, or even sieging a blood eagle base complete with hard to reach turrets that can be disabled through hacking.

As rewards for this new content, also design a handful of new weapons (they could be alternatives to pre-existing types or something unique), and a new type of armour (in the past I've suggested body armour that can act like a soft form of PA). Also design about a dozen rare camp objects; some of them should be functional and maybe capped at 1, but at least half should be reusable, like an entirely new wall texture that looks really badass, special lighting, a giant New Vegas style customizable sign, a fancy windmill, or a cool looking vehicle.

In terms of loot chances, the world bosses would always drop something from the new loot table, but would be really tough and require a fair bit of prep farming for medicine and buffs and such, especially if fighting one with only 2-3 players; but they could be defeated without too much prep by a healthy squad of 5-8 players. They would be spawnable to avoid competition, but have some kind of timer, likely including both a material requirement and a daily cooldown (perhaps 24-48 hours per boss, though this should be linked to characters and not players or servers).

The events would have something like a 30% chance to drop one of the new gear types or camp items (note that these would all be saleable, so if you don't build you can likely get some good returns by selling the camp items). However, they would also grant a healthy chunk of XP, more than the world bosses, and would drop a special currency similar to scrip as bad luck protection, so you're encouraged to do more of them. These events would be on timers but they should be reliable in some way; perhaps one of them always spawns every hour. These events should also give at least some of the material required to spawn in a world boss.


And finally, the new special containers would have a low chance of dropping one of the new rare items, being more of a lottery for casual world explorers. Maybe something like a 5% chance. But they should also reliably drop one rare item from the old loot chart, like a legendary or special camp item pattern, as well as providing a bit of the material to summon in a world boss.​ It would also be ideal if that material was saleable, so casual players who don't want to fight world bosses can get something good out of it. And finally, each of the special containers should drop a chunk of some base item: I'm thinking the four container types would be medicine crate (including a higher chance of serums), ammo box (especially rare ammo), collectibles stash (higher chance of magazines or bobbleheads), and the last one could be a crafting kit (rare crafting mats).

That covers the basic encounter types and rewards. However, there should also be ways to spice up this type of endgame. For example, the world bosses could have mutations, so sometimes when you fight them they can develop unexpected new offensive abilities or adaptative defenses, so you have to change up armour or weaponry a bit from time to time to optimize DPS and damage soak (these mutations would have visual or sound cues). Events could have tough optional objectives, something a few events already do. And then for the more casual endgamers who rely on containers, some of those containers could spawn unique items that either grant access to new areas, like a key that opens a small treasury room in a vault or Fort Defiance or some such place. That way when they find this key they'd just have to figure out where it's used, some kind of mini mystery, and then clear the place out. Another option for containers would be an extremely rare dart with a mutagen that weakens a world boss and gives a solo player a chance at killing one of them, so that every once in a while they can experience these tougher big encounters and feel like a boss themselves.

So these are my ideas. Like or dislike, that's fine, as this type of content won't appeal to everyone. But I think what 76 most needs is a fairly simple, flexible endgame system that can keep people entertained over time, ensuring progression goes on without full reliance on the current lottery system.

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