Simplifyng looting from events so people can focus on actually doing the event.

fallout 4 - Simplifyng looting from events so people can focus on actually doing the event.

I think most people will agree that one of the weaknesses with events is the way looting works.

Getting good loot is one of the main reasons people do events, especially from legendaries, however this means that when a legendary appears everyone drops what they're doing to try and tag the legendary. This can break the immersion and the fun of the event, ignore the fact the imposter sheepsquatch is vulnerable, you've already tagged it and there's a legendary Gutsy over here! For some events, particularly Uranium Fever given the regular appearance of legendaries and maze of narrow passages the whole event just devolves into a bunfight with people just running all over and a mass panic whenever someone indicates the legendary is here and you can't work out where they are. Some people end up disappointed if they were unable to tag (or even reach) the legendary before it is killed, and then you have people who one-shot the legendaries. Then after the event comes about five minutes of everyone running around with their eyes down trying to make sure they've got all the loot they want, and where did that legendary go?

How I would improve this:

All loot dropped during the event goes into a cargo-box located somewhere specific to that event (so for example, in the cabin in the Encryptid event or for events inside 'dungeons' such as Uranium Fever, the box will go in Appalachia just by the mine entrance).

The contents of the box are instanced just like the contents of bodies so that everybody gets their own loot.

Everyone who participated in the event has access to the box. There'll be some minimum requirement to be considered a participant, to prevent people from freeloading, but this requirement won't just be damage done. Gathering loot for the box (if it doesn't automatically get added as soon as it's dropped) and reviving other participants could be rewarded; event specific requirements will also be included, for example if you act as a conduit during Encryptid or repair one of the extractors during Uranium Fever.


This should mean that people don't have to worry about tagging legendaries or searching for loot, they can just focus on completing the event. This should encourage people to work together as they know they'll be rewarded and don't have to abandon a task that's good for the event as a whole to ensure they get a legendary drop.

One of my favourite events is Line in the Sand. It's a classic format, simple but straightforward, people adopt defensive positions around Fort Defiance and fight off waves of Scorched and Bravos. It's usually only the Bravos that are legendary so people don't tend to abandon their posts to search for the legendaries. As a result things feel more collaborative, you feel like by guarding a certain area you're doing your bit. Uranium Fever (and other underground events) have the flaws I've mentioned above.

By encouraging people to act more like a group, each doing their own bit. You could up the difficulty of the event too. More enemies, harder enemies and more stuff happening simultaneously for those events that currently happen in waves. For example if someone can dedicate themselves to acting as a medic, reviving fallen players in the knowledge this will still see them share some reward then someone will decide to to this, to the benefit of everyone and thus making the team stronger and more effective. Likewise, in Encryptid, if you're a conduit then you can focus on staying alive, other players can focus on protecting you everyone gets rewarded. To balance for this the events are more difficult, in fact failing an event won't be as much of a bummer because the rewards, both in terms of loot and enjoyment for succeeding are that much greater.

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