Since we’re focusing so much on suggestions, we absolutely need a method of safely transporting items between our own characters alone in order to have a viable end-game

fallout 2 - Since we're focusing so much on suggestions, we absolutely need a method of safely transporting items between our own characters alone in order to have a viable end-game

I don't use the word "need" lightly, this is a necessity for pretty much any high level player. Unless you only care about one build and use the same bloodied explosive weapons until the next end of the world, you will not be able to store everything you want on a single character. You might be able to manage with a full set of weight reduction armor and weight management perks, but that's a band-aid, not a solution. It's not fun running around with all your weapons or all your junk on you at once just because it won't fit in your stash. This would also solve the issue of people constantly asking for more stash space – your total would effectively become 4000 + anything you can fit into your other characters' inventories. That is more than enough for anything you would reasonably ever need, even allowing plenty of room for hoarding non-necessities.

Your chances of finding exactly the right items for your build, even with trading and player vendors, are pretty small. Needing to find it on the character that can actually use it on top of everything else being stacked against you is simply ridiculous. Finding a god-tier rifle on your melee character or an awesome junkie's weapon on your bloodied build sucks if you can't transfer it over.

Right now, your options are very limited. You can:

A) Have a friend hold things for you until you can log into the same server with a different character. This is not an option for everybody, and even for people who can do it, it's frustrating and time consuming to have to call somebody over and meet up in a safe spot every single time you want to share items between a character. It might happen multiple times a day based on how you play or what kinds of characters you have. There's always the risk of your "friend" stealing the items, and them getting lost due to a server disconnect if you're leaving things in world containers or dropping them. This is not a viable solution.

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B) You can drop things somewhere in the world and use a stranger/friend to "tether" yourself to the server to come back on a different account. This is more flexible and does not require somebody else to actively dedicate their time to helping you, but it has the same risk as before where a server disconnect means your items are gone forever. If it's a stranger, they might server hop between your logins, meaning you can't get back to your items. I don't know exactly how the respawns work but I believe if you get unlucky the items might also just disappear from the world container due to how the game refreshes them. This is not a viable solution.


C) Getting two copies of the game and transferring things by yourself. This is somewhat easier on PC, as you can run two instances of the game at once as long as you own two copies on two different accounts. You need to pay again for a game you already own, or at least borrow somebody's copy. If you have nobody willing to lend you that, it's ~$20 even on sale or for a used copy/from a key site. The game isn't very well optimized for PC, running two instances even on low settings will be pretty heavy on your system. If you are playing on console, you will need two of them. This is only an option for people with a gaming-oriented family/IRL friend circle. This is absolutely not a viable option.

Why is this not a thing yet? Many suggestions have been made on how to implement this in a smooth and lore-friendly way. You could have a mail system that lets you send things directly to other players, including your own characters. You could have a small shared stash, maybe 50-100 pounds, between all your characters. You could consolidate character stashes into an account stash, even if the total storage capacity is smaller. Hell, put it in the atom shop if you have to, people are already being forced to pay money for mule accounts and middlemen. At least give us an option to do it safely and conveniently. The current system only hurts the more casual players. Those who set up discord teams and always have somebody online willing to help are only inconvenienced by this. If it's truly their intent to not let us share gear, it's a lost cause. You may as well make it easier on people. If it's an oversight, it's one that needs to be addressed very quickly.

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TL:DR – Not being able to trade things between characters is a pain for everybody, and forces people to go through inconvenient workarounds just to be able to play the game

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