Sincerely hope Bethesda isn’t trying to pull a fast one on us with upcoming private servers.

fallout 2 - Sincerely hope Bethesda isn't trying to pull a fast one on us with upcoming private servers.

Full disclosure: this post is fairly cynical and speculating, but with Bethesda's track record it's hard to really tell. All that being said i can't shake the feeling private servers will be a little sketchy.


The way i expect private servers is by having them completely open-ended to the player. And from my experience hosting servers of games similar to FO76 in the past, there are really 3 ways to go about it.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Basically you get the files for the game, host the game on your own machine or a rented machine. This allows for full control of the server and is very customizable if the server settings allow for it. Ideally this the best format and i would hope this is what we get.

Virtual Server Hosting

This is another popular method i see a lot of games do, usually the servers are "rented" from a 3rd party website. You select the amount of slots you want for players, select some minor hardware modification, and you pay a monthly fee to host your server. This is what i assume Bethesda will be doing. And while this method is popular, it has a lot of downsides.

  • Not really that customizable

  • VM are typically running multiple instances of operating systems on one computer. Think of it this way: one really great computer is split up into 5 kinda okay computers to host 5 servers. This often means servers aren't really getting the resources they need, and it can cause quite a bit of lag.

  • You really aren't in control of the sever your renting.

Local Hosting

If you've ever played games like Ark, or Conan Exiles than this is what singleplayer really is – you are hosting a server on your machine while you are playing. I think this is what most people expected from Bethesda, but seeing as the mention of renting servers was thrown around i highly doubt this will be what we get.


My concern is that Bethesda will give us option B alone and will be sold through their service. And i sincerely hope that is not the case as many of us who have been awaiting private servers have dedicated machines. The bigger concern with this though is modding.


If option B is the only solution, than we can fully expect mods to be curated and possibly sold through Bethesda for private servers. So not only will we be paying Bethesda to host a private server, we may potentially be paying them for any future mods.

As i said i sincerely hope i am wrong, but given the pay2win and pay2convenience creep in the atom shop and how Bethesda has ignored the feedback thus far – it seems their greed can get the better of them.

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