Single action revolver needs a little love

fallout 6 - Single action revolver needs a little love

Without getting into pistols in general needing a buff of perks needing to be changed. This is a suggestion that applies to the games current state,and with ideas that would make the single action revolver a viable endgame gun that is well balanced.


  • Base Damage increase 62 —-> 77

  • Reload time decreased 30%

    • All the same modifications available to it as the western revolver, minus optics (explained below)



Currently even with the prime receiver the single action lags behind badly. With a base damage increase to 77 and the addition of receivers it would reach 204 damage in the pip boy when equuped with the severe receiver, bloody mess and 3 ranks of gunslinger. With the same setup the western revolver currently hits 172 in the pip boy .


Next is the reduction of reload time.currently reload time without any buffs is PAINFUL. Yes it's a single action and should be a slow reload, but simply way to slow. With speed demon and a faster reload legendary effect, in its current state the single action reload time feels good ,slow but reasonable… That what the default speed should be to begin with (approx 30% increase). If the initial reload time was reduced 30% as suggested,and than paired with speed demon and the faster reload effect would be very manageable, but it will still be 2x or so slower than the western is to reload.



Little explanation is need why more receivers, barrels and grips should be added. But I think optics should not be added. This would maintain the classic feel of the colt single action army and help maintain balance. Leaving optics only available to the western revolver, gives it the advantage of range, sighted accuracy , and the 15% AP reduction that the reflex sight adds.


With the increased damage and reduced reload times, the single action would have the highest damage per shot of handguns (not counting black powder pistol). The western would still do well, but it offers the benefits of a faster reload, accuracy, range , and cheaper AP cost in VATS if equiped with the reflex. The damage numbers would balance well if considered in DPM vs DPS, such situations like the SBQ fights. The single may hit harder, but the western would put many more rounds or down range in minutes time when treload times consider, which becomes a factor over long fights. Thus making them similarly effective in big fights. Being higher damage weapons, a will sneak headshot with an instigating weapon will kill most enemies in one hit, so DPS isn't as crucial. Just my 2 cents worth.

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