Skill tree management in the end game is frustrating

fallout 5 - Skill tree management in the end game is frustrating

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Add a skill respec option.

I recently bought Fallout 76 (during the nuclear winter update), I already finished the main story line and i really find this game quite fun. I am now level 99 and I still find enough content to continue playing the end game phase of Fallout 76.

I wish to argue that people who love this game are also a fan of Fallout 4; in its very core, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer version of Fallout 4. However, as a fan of Fallout 4, i find a core mechanic of that game missing in Fallout 76, and that is the perk/leveling system. In Fallout 4, players are given basically no cap in its ability to be stronger. I do acknowledge that Fallout 76 is built with PvP interactions in mind, i can't imagine people doing PvP with Fallout 4 leveling system. That being said, I wish some things are done differently in Fallout 76.

First of all, I am on the same boat with Bethesda with the limitation of SPECIAL points that can be distributed (although I still find it not enough to make my personal Fallout 4 build, but for the sake of balance, maybe this is for the best). However I find that the current "Perk Card" system is frustrating to use. The first problem with this system is when the player wants to configure a build, they have to really think ahead. When i played my first 50 levels of the game, I use and level perks that helps my "early game", this include perks like "First aid", "Strong back", and other luck perks that enhances loot gain. As i enter the end game, however, i find it frustrating to have to change my build from a "farming" build to a "fighting" build. What i mean by this is when a player wants to replace a perk, for example a level 3 "Can Do", to a level 3 "Gun Fu" you need to level your character 6 times ( 3 to move the stat and 3 to level the new perk). And when you are making the changes, you can't just move luck point to agility while using a level 2 "Can Do" on your first level up, because the perk that is already level 3 cannot be downgraded back to 1 level 2 perk card and 1 level 1 perk card. Thus, if the player decides to move the SPECIAL point, there will be a 2 unused perk points in luck (I am not counting the perks gained through perk decks due to its inconsistency)

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The end game phase for Fallout 76 revolves around killing scorchbeasts and legendary farming. Most of the earlier game problems should be alleviated and thus there are no more need for these early game perks making them redundant. Players that still want to make a progress after reaching the end game might want to go for a build that allow them to farm effectively. In Fallout 4, this is not a problem, because players are not limited in its ability to level perks; in Fallout 76, it is a problem. As i explained in the previous paragraph, making changes in the skill tree is a hassle. Skill configuration done on (and for) the early levels should not have this much of an effect to the end game. For example, in an MMORPG game (Yes, I am comparing Fallout 76 to an MMORPG game, because the leveling and economy system is comparable enough, in my opinion, to be compared to an MMORPG game) the player are given a Respec option (usually it comes with a monetary price or a really grindy route). What a Respec option do is it allows the player to totally reset the progress done on the player's skill tree. In Fallout 76, we are not given this option (directly at least). The process of farming 6 levels to move a level 3 perk in luck to level 3 perk in agility is tedious. To put things into perspective, if you invest 20 levels out of the first 50 levels into an early game life improvement perk, you're looking at most a 40 level grind to change your perks (without compromise). Some perk trees are worth investing in the early game such as luck for looting and charisma for caps are not flexible for the end game. If a player invests late game perks in the early game (such as perks that gives 10%/15%/20% more damage with a specific weapon), it will give the player a problem due to its bad scaling in the early game.

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All of this problem, I think, is solvable by giving a Respec option. I want to give a list of suggestions for things that can be done that allows a player to be able to Respec their skill points may include:

1.) Reaching a certain amount of level (maybe every 50 levels)

2.) Crafting a Respec item, maybe something like a "Vintage Middle-life-crisis Nukapunch"

3.) Paying a certain amount of caps

4.) Finishing a certain hard quest (maybe several times)

As someone who are a big fan of Fallout 4, I really find Fallout 76 a great game (well, after months of post launch update that is). However, I do find that the skill progression system frustrating, as i am sure other players do. I initially wanted to add some things about "crafting perks should be passive", but its already on the BethesdaPlz list, and i think its best to not add more things to this long enough post.

fun fact: I made this post directly after the game crashing.

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