So a while ago i found two players deeply replaying 1 Intelligence and 1 Charisma characters

fallout 4 - So a while ago i found two players deeply replaying 1 Intelligence and 1 Charisma characters

Tldr: two guys kept killing themselves trying to prevent me from building in my camp spot. My best guess is that those two were just extremely dedicated towards roleplaying Ex Vault Dwellers with 1 Intelligence

So i was at the missile silo, i believe alpha, this was about 6:30 in the morning, i just wanted to build a brand spankin new camp! So i was looking around trying to find the perfect spot for my camp, so i found a good spot and starting building.

The silo im located at is the one in the middle, i havent been on in a while, i apologize. I starting building in the water on the northern end. I started with my water purifier room and built the shape of that, it can fit 6 medium purifiers, that detail is not at all important but anywho, so i started building my second floor and i started hearing gun shots then they stopped, i continue building and then a grenade lands at my feet and explodes. I was thinking "Okay so I'm being watched and messed with by my friend ____"

I started building the second floor's walls when all of the sudden i get mini nuked twice at once after checking to see that my friend was indeed not online. So i stood there and after checking my map and seeing nobody i decided to go to the silo entrance shack thingy, the Yao Guai that spawns there had been killed. I didnt kill him so someone else did, then i heard power armour stomping and whatnot so i go inside the shack and see two dudes just chilling so i say "hello" in my mic and skadoodle my way back home.

I heard the stomping of their power armour legs and gunshots and explosions. Im sti confused but whatever, i get back to my home and they marsupial'd their way onto my second floor and started shooting at me and spamming nades. Both of them, they both ended up killing themselves so i had to put down my controller to laugh my ass off.


I wait about 15 seconds and they are back. They come "full force" and they start mini nuking my house, keep in mind they are doing literally no damage to anything but themselves. So i get back to building after I recover from my laughing "fit" and start placing more walls, they kept trying to stand in the way but kept falling off my house and having to jump back up but i kept placing walls which prevented them. They took the stairs after having enough of that, they came back up tossing nades left and right, my frame rate is dropping like old people with polio and then i see they yet again, killed themselves.

I unmuted my mic again and said when they came back "i honestly dont know what you guys are trying to accomplish but this is literally a suicide mission" then i started laughing at their dumbassery and let them "troll" me some more. They just kept trying and hopefully got to hear me laugh, to me it looked like someone gave a 9 year old an Xbox controller and said "go at it"

Keep in mind, i was super tired and my brain was barely functioning yet somehow worked better then those two, i guess they were just really dedicated 1 Intelligence roleplayers. I dont understand how they made it into Vault 76 but that aint my issue.

Overall pretty interesting experience, eventually they just vanished so i assumed that they left the game. Im pretty certain they were hoping i would shoot them to initiate PVP, i kept shooting into the air and beside them to tease them and they kept moving to where i was shooting. Beautiful stuff.

Anywho that was my story that happened a few months ago that probably wont get read by anyone, understandably so.

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