So far my experience trying Fallout 2 – Part 2

fallout 5 - So far my experience trying Fallout 2 - Part 2

Part 1

Afther getting a taste of classic fallout for the first time, it really feels like the game is shitting all over me most of the time, above all because without a guide this game would be a huge and undeniable NO NO to anybody who has never tried classic fallout. I personally don't mind the hexagonal maping/movement, turnbased combat, its like i said on part 1. Its basically playing using vats the whole fight, so that makes the actual vats a VIFV (Vats Into Fucking Vats), but hell if i need to get used to so i won't go murdering everybody for any "totally justified" reason and on my defence….its the game's fault.

So, according to the guide, im supposed to go to the den to look for Vic the trader, who suposelly can help with the quest for the almighty geck, halfway trough in the world map i meet another random encounter, a bridge. So i decide to stop there. Its just a small map with a dude in a cape looking like some weird ass wizard on a bridge, moreover it quite impresses me to see my carácter saying "I should save the game before going any further". Ok, if my mc is that nervious to actually go breaking the 4th Wall then i'll follow.

Afther saving the game i say to myself: "im a maxed special motherfucker with Sulik as a (running kamikaze) companion, so what could go possibly wrong?". I didn't even think it twice before empting my whole ammo on the stranger's ass so here's what happened:

  1. Nail the motherfucker
  2. Reload
  3. Repeat
  4. The Bridge Keeper is tough, i'll give him that
  5. I used all of my action points, so yeah, try your best sho-
  7. I laugh my ass off, do your worst you 2 headed fat fu-
  9. I died

Ok, now that was some random fuckery, before loading the game i go search about the bridge keeper only to discover its a reference to the Monty fucker and the fucking cunting grail n shit (i was mad ok, im quite the temperamental motherfucker thanks to this game). So, i take a few minutes to breathe in and out to relax. Of course that i have seen the movie and actually, i fucking like that movie, so now that i know the reference, i just go with it and answer with a question when he asks me the 3rd question. He dies of course and i take his only posession, a cape, oddly enough it was sick stats so i put it on so now i look like a wizard….

Hey r/Fallout ima wizard! So answer me 3 questions or die playing this fucking game!!! (:V)/

Finally, uppon reaching the den i take some moments to look quickly at the guide on the part about Vic, not before looking around in search of some traders, only THIS TIME i don't fuck up my shit for free so i won't murder another place for totally justified reasons. Now that i finally did some correct trading, i give Sulik a smg and a few stimpacks so he won't die that easily, i get some more ammo and then explore the east side of den to see what's up.

So, what's up is that Vic (a fat fuck), is being held hostage for messing around with some bad guys, not only that, they're armed, have some armor and if they surround me then it would suppose trouble, not because of the damage but because turn based games feel more slow and fucked when enemies surround you. I decide to then go fetch some more exp in sidequests, wich is basically getting some people to talk, discover a hiden still and then destroying it.


Afther getting the sidequests done i proceed to equip my own smg so Sulik and i can rescue Vic, but the thing is, i suddently lost many stuff from my inventory. How in the fuck did that just happened!?. Im sure this time i did not screw around when trading, hell no, im not that dumbass. Did i gave most of my stuff to Sulik?, nope, so what the fuck just happened? i don't know and it just pissed me off, maybe is just another part of this "charming" game. To fuck you in the ass every time you think things are now going to be ok.

Without mercy, i murdered the bad guys who had Vic hostage along with several slaves, i always used burst mode so i could enjoy seeing them dying in a sick violent way. Everyone i killed became free ammo and guns (along with some drugs). Up to the leader and his shotgun wich now is on my hands. Cool!

Finally after healing Sulik and rescuing Vic i learn from him that he actually has no clue about how to get a damn geck, bu he can join my party, so i leave him with one of the guns from his kidnapers and some ammo. Feeling like i was done with this place i save the game and take a look to the guide to see my nex-


Before going any further i notice a part of the guide related to the den, a very specific part that apparently says the follow:

  • "Flick, south of Becky's, is a good guy to trade with… but beware those kids of his! If you're not careful, they steal stuff from you".




No Problem


Like….at all





Of course, had i happened to read that one part of the guide i would have not lost most of my inventory, now that i know what happened, i guess its time to say goodbye to this place. So i tell Vic and Sulik to wait on the east side while i go the the west side and then FUCKING THOSE BASTARDS with a crowbar, cripling one of them on a leg untill he diez, of course that people would not ignore a guy murdering kids for justified reasons, so they try to help the bastards while i go get the rest of them with my new shotgun.

  • I killed some with a headshot
  • Others with a shot to the torso
  • And one on the eyes, "Look at me, I SAID LOOK AT ME YOU LITTLE CUNT", then i pull the trigger
  • And the old bastard who gave them life……….a fucking well deserved shot to the groin. You should thank me, i did a favor to this world, to this fucked game for the best!!!

Afther letting go of my frustrations and of course, murdering anybody who dared to try to stop me, i take my free shit, patch me up and go back to get Sulik and Vic the fat fuck with me, i finally get ready to get the fuck out of this place. Next destination, Modoc.


So far, things are going to be quite an experience for me, i could of course edit the savegame to erase my child murdering but i though, fuck it, I WANT THE DEN TO REMEMBER ME!

As i said before, hopefully i will get to share my full game experience with you guys.

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