So far my experience trying Fallout 2 – Part 3

fallout 3 - So far my experience trying Fallout 2 - Part 3

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As i finally departed from the shithole known as the den, i prepare myself along with Sulik and the new member Vic the fat fuck to venture into a new área according to the guide, is it necesary to follow each step, fuck knows, i mean, there's no parts that specifies wich missions are part of the main quest: the motherfucking cunting geck so my tribe won't die.

Of course, Vic has no clue about the damn thing (as he told me). Other than going to investigate and…..well fuck i dunno, i simply hate to read so many damn small green ass text, fuck that. Like shit if im really going to ask every person and waste time Reading fucking bibles of text, leave that as a cruel scars of madness to the old fallout fans who had to endure it and for that i admire them. For staying sane and alive after such cruel cuntfuckery of a quest system by Black Isle Studios and Interplay.

You old school fallout fans are the real Choosen Ones for still standing here, able to tell the story and make the holy guides!

So, where the fuck was i?. Oh yeah! The next place to go. Modoc, well, actually i have nothing much to say exept 2 things that i bothered to do for some good experience points.

  1. Solve a missuderstanding about some stolen watch, wich lead me to enter the shitter….no, im not joking. You wanna know what's funny, i forgot how i was supposed to use the damn explosives so i almost killed myself and the gang while barelly escaping to the Surface, only to be sended flying away while the place gets covered in shit, years and years of shit. Jesus Christ.
  2. Solve a case of a haunted farm and a missing kid. So the people of Shitville….i mean, Modoc, think that one of their Friends was killed on his farm, and so they found lots of corpses in fron of his house. Now the place did actually scare me, even trough i knew that the bodies were fake, the only shitty thin was to deliver a message from Jo, to some dude on Shitville, to find the missing guy in a bar at the den and solve the case.

Next destination, Vault City!

So here we are, on the city of vault fuck knows the number because i dont care :D. In this place is where i met the next new member of the gang, Cassidy, altrough he has a heart condition, he knows how to use a shotgun so i convince him to join me and live and learn from the adventures and possibly against any sudden fuckery that this game has in mind for me. I get some quick info about places at the bar before going to the north section where there's a gate guarded and reserved for citizens. Ok, i see where this is going, clasic lesson of society, only the best class are citizens while outsiders are treated as shit, that also explains the slavery back at the den and some random encounters with slavers.

So, in short, the guide helps me to get fake citizenship papers and blackmail the dude on the guard spot to rat him out if he tries to backstab me. Now i enter a clean and "pure" looking city, where people has obious dialogues about being better and treating slaves "differently". Not that i helps that the guards still talk to me as if i was inferior and a tribal piece of shit, if i respond back, it means immediate fight to the death but i don't wanna waste time murdering this time (but someday maybe). Afther all, there are stores to get lots of stuff, so i can finally trade lots of shit for better shit, hurray!

Now most of the things that the guide suggests like books are usseless to me since i maxed out my special stats…..and sub stats (yeah, im above 100 on all of them, yet that did not stop a mad Braham from wooping my ass back at the bridge exounter). I don't care if you think that is just cheating too much, this fucking hardass bible text game is enough to justify my reasons besides murdering.


Now its time to intoduce the fat fuck's Little girl. Valerie, who can upgrade my new and better weaponry so i can enjoy more ass wooping, of course, she is like her old pops. A temperamental woman, ofther getting into arguments with his dad and of course, being a dick to me every single time while i could not answer back because she calls the guards and fucks things up for me. Wich i answered with bursting her fucking ass with my new combat shotgun in front of his dad. 3 times to be exact, again, it was totally justified. So i get her shit togheter by getting what she needs, after that she finally cools off and becomes more friendly and charming. Maybe i should have just wopped her ass only 2 times but whatever.

Now following trough the important parts of the guide, i meet the first Citizen Lynette. Aka the rude bitch, just braging about how high class is vault city bla bla bla, the best place on earth, bla bla bla. I just shoved my huge donkey ass shotgun in her face once to shut her up, then load the game. Now apparently i can get real citizenship by doing her a favor, the reason being that the vault on the east side of vault city has info about the vaults where i can probably find a geck and end this shit so i can Access to more priviledges and info computers to get more info about the vaults and the geck, because these selfish dipshits used theirs to maintain this city.

Before that i kill her bitchy ass once more, to have some good memories of Vault City, and just to i can keep my good action of the day i rescue Amanda's husband Joshua, who has been under arrest. See, im not such an angry ass motherfucker all the time.

Now, its obious that in Gecko i have to keep an eye on my status in case of radiation poisoning, the same for the gang here with me. The place is just full of ghouls and the power plant is obiously quite the sea of radiation, part of the deal with rude bitch is to get the power generator on Gecko working so part of the enrgy can travel to Vault City and so they wont decide to obliterate Gecko because they're huge dicks. For the first time ever i encounter something i never have seen on my life, a talking animal in a fallout game. To be more exact, a sentinent mole rat, who gives me a talismán and brags about being evil and that he's going to rule the world. Good for him, i mean, i also met an evil toaster on new vegas and he wants to bring chaos by killing his own kin, thats cute.

The talismán is to make a certain ghoul to givme a holodisc to show to one of the members working for the bitch, so before that i proceed to enter the power plant while i make sure i have the yellow and red keycards that i need in order to open their respective doors. Of course, this is the part where the game decides to piss me off once again with a bug about having more of the same type of keycards, i investigate, then conclude on dropping the cards and steal another one, wich was stupid logic, the game's stupid logic, probably done on purpose but well, this game just likes to be a dick thats for sure.

Now, remember how i thank god that there are guides for classic fallout, because in order to repair the generator i have 2 choices, enter the room and get some Green tanned ass courtesy of radiation OR. follow the guide's steps that involve the correct secuence of options to make the robot to the shit for me. Yay!, guides rule. Now it's time to get the 4th member of the gang, the medic ghoul. Lenny, who met my ancestor and told me a bit more about him.

Finally, back to Vault City, i get my damn oficial citizenship, give the holodisk to one of the researchers in order to have more places to go, in this case the NRC. But since im a simple guy, i'll just get to the next place on the guide. Broken Hills!

Oh yeah, and kill the rude bitch one more time, for the old times and to have some good memories, and also the guy who wanted me to scout around gecko, i would have done that but he just talks to me like a fucking jerk so yeah, more nice memories with my combat shotgun 😀


Well, surprisingly im starting to get the hang out of it, but that doesn't mean that i'll ever let go of the guide :V

Once again if shit goes well (i hope), i will get to tell the whole game experience.

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