So, how about those NW Hackers in every single match?

fallout 5 - So, how about those NW Hackers in every single match?

So, I've played probably 15-25 matches of Nuclear winter over the past two nights and 100% of the matches have had hackers in them. This is NOT an exaggeration. According to the rest of my teams, it seems they are experiencing the same thing. When I used to play Nuclear Winter, I would see a hacker in about 10% of matches which was not ideal, but it was manageable, but now…..every…single….match. What is most concerning though is that it isn't just one or two people. Rather, there are at least 3 different teams with 4 hackers in each from the matches I have played alone. There is plenty of variety to them too. I've seen aimbots, xrays, flight, noclip, infinite ammo, rapid fire, and more. My favorite has got to be the rapid fire, infinite ammo crossbow….I mean…really?….a crossbow with the fire rate of a lmg? Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will get two different teams of hackers in a match and get to see one kill the other, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

But seriously….this is getting out of hand. I don't think any legit players on PC are having fun right now. There are hackers in literally every single match. We just go into the match and look forward to our inevitable doom to some guy nocliping through the ground or flying through the sky. I would link evidence, but it would violate rule 9. Can't stop you from googling it though. My video and plenty of others are out there. I've done my job and reported them, but it is up to the people at Bethesda to find a solution and fix this.


Nuclear Winter is the best Battle Royale that I have ever played. I normally don't like Battle Royale games, but I like this one. If they would only stop the hacking, this game-mode would be great. I wish that they would get some sort of anti-cheat. Most of these hackers should be easy to detect. They could detect time spent flying, character out of bounds, player moving too fast…something. Aimbot is trickier, but some of these other methods should have been filtered out long ago. Many of these hackers are already at level 90-200+, so they obviously haven't been getting banned. I understand that Covid-19 is making this worse and that these hackers are taking advantage of a time when support is at its weakest, but this has been an unacceptable issue for far too long.

Please Bethesda…if anyone there is reading this….please fix this game mode. You have come so far. You have made an actually balanced, fun Battle Royale. Show the world your redemption story.

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