So I finally took the leap into Fallout 76: Review

fallout 2 - So I finally took the leap into Fallout 76: Review
  • Being a fan of the series I was interested at first, but because of the negativity about the game, both the game itself and PR nightmare from Bethesda, I stayed away
  • Watching the new DLC trailer (free DLC btw) and then watching a few youtube videos ultimately drew my interests back in

After playing for about 10-15 hours:

  • I have had very few bug problems. Only a few desktop crashes (only happening within 5 mins of logging into a world, never deep into a quest) so not a big deal.
  • I do really enjoy exploring the Appalachia world. Easy to get lost in it.
  • At first the world felt empty without the human NPC's with only having robots. But then I started reading more of the notes and terminals, something I never really took time to do in previous titles. This then wrote the story and narrative for me. Instead of exploring and finding towns to talk to survivors, I now was the lone survivor. Exploring the empty world and what is left of it, trying to put clues together for myself without anyone telling me what had happened while in the vault. This change really made the game fun and interesting. The change in game style by the developers forced me to change my play-style and I am truly enjoying it.
  • This is a multiplayer game and so far I have found this as a positive as well. I don't play with a group resulting in my lone survivor approach. Early on at low levels a player helped me out by giving me a pistol so I could get going. Later I ran into a new player struggling with a supermutant, so helped him out as I was passing through. Both these incidents were just fun to interact in, not making the game a forced multiplayer like the Division for instance, but being able to enjoy multiplayer as you wish.
  • My first encounter with the new creates such as the Mothman and Scorchbeast were really frighting. Similar to seeing your first Deathclaw at level 5, knowing you can't wait to progress so you can fight it in the future.
  • I would like to join a group and explore one of the nuke sites and the monsters that surround the changed environment. I did join one of my friends to take down some of the monsters and this was fulfilling as well.
  • I did take a better enjoyment from making a settlement base compared to Fallout 4, as it seems to be more purposeful this time around

  • I guess my only real complaint is the lack of inventory space on your character forcing to go back to base to unload frequently, and then also the requirement of paying of caps to fast travel (but maybe this is to encourage people like myself to explore and walk around more???…. which I am doing.
    • There are ways around it like traveling to your base, member of your group for free.
    • I am sure this doesn't effect some people but I also try and save as much caps as I can… and then never end up using them lol

Overall, I am enjoying the game and do not really have any major complaints thus far. I know they have struggled with sales because of the horrible launch, but I did take the risk to pleasantly surprising results. If you have enjoyed past titles, finding it on Amazon or another market for half price may not be a bad decision if you are looking for a new game.

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