So I only just realized this and I want to get some other fans’ opinions on it.

fallout 8 - So I only just realized this and I want to get some other fans' opinions on it.

TW: death/illness, it's not a huge deal since we're literally talking about Fallout but I wanna be considerate anyways. ALSO THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR FALLOUT 4!!!!

Anyway, let's talk about radiation. So as most people are aware, even in real life, being exposed to radiation can be fatal. Unless your genome has been altered to survive in those conditions (i.e. everyone who wasn't hermetically sealed into a radiation-proof Vault like all of our Fallout player characters, AKA Wastelanders), if you end up in a highly irradiated place like the Wasteland, you'll end up with Acute Radiation Syndrome, or ARS (reference to official website of US CDC), an illness caused by exposure to high amounts of ionizing radiation in a short period of time, such as opening the sealed door of a Vault and being exposed to radiation. One of the main condition requirements of ARS is exposure of the entire body, which would occur after opening the door, which means our protagonists are very likely to suffer from this.

On to symptoms. ARS causes cellular degradation, cancer, and hemorrhage on the large scale, all of which can potentially be fatal. But on the smaller scale, radiation poisoning can cause nausea, vomiting, and possible anorexia, diarrhea, cramps, dehydration, and confusion. More severe cases can include extreme nervousness and confusion, severe vomiting and diarrhea, loss of consciousness, and a burning sensation on the skin. Which seems to be reminiscent of Ghouls, at least if only slightly.


However, if a location is hermetically sealed, (that is, made airtight) then no radiation can come in or out. However, we break that seal by opening the Vault door of wherever we came from, meaning our Vault Dweller should very quickly show signs of ARS, since we also know that symptoms can start appearing within minutes of exposure. And more specifically for a minute, the events of Fallout 4. Nate/Nora and their son Shaun were sealed within Vault 111 before the Great War, meaning that before leaving the Vault they hadn't been exposed to any direct nuclear radiation (let's forget about the nuclear powered civilization of Fallout before the War for a second, it wasn't enough to do anything) and even though the Vault was opened for the Institute to take Shaun, Nate/Nora was still hermetically sealed in a cryopod so the radiation that entered the Vault wouldn't have even touched them.

Meaning that, even though the Wasteland only has mostly trace amounts of radiation, just those trace amounts could have a potentially fatal effect on a Vault Dweller who's never been exposed to it, ever. Even a little bit could kill them. So how is it, then, that our character is able to survive? They shouldn't be, if we use the logic that the radiation would kill them before they even made it a mile.

What are y'alls opinion on this?

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