So I tried Fallout 76 for the first time this weekend

fallout 8 - So I tried Fallout 76 for the first time this weekend

Ok for the record I'm not much of a gamer but I do play games.

I usually play games on easy or normal mode because I'm there for the narrative. I don't really have the fast-twitch skills needed for most games and basically ignore most online games (except I did have an awesome time playing We Were Here online with my son but it's not a fast paced game at all but thats a different story).

First off. I couldn't believe it. My local library had Fallout 76! I may as well give it a go and maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised. If I liked it I would buy it. I heard the original sales pitch for this was that even though its online you can still play alone.

Ok so my first panic moment was when I discovered Fallout 76 basically has no VATS. I should have figured this out before playing but it hadn't occurred to me. Well the version of VATS it has helps me with aim I guess but not the kind of VATS that let my slow eyes and brain do the figuring while game life is basically paused.

I mentioned earlier that I usualy play for story. Fallout 76 didn't have much here that I found compelling. To say none isn't accurate. I did find some neat notes and whatnot and figured out a few stories but I haven't found it to be compelling enough to come back for. The game looks kind of prettier than Fallout 4 in some respects but then you see really bad looking trees. I'm confused by the graphic aesthetic they were trying to acheive.


All in I played Fallout 76 for about 6 and a half hours and ran into 2 or 3 other players. I used my "thumbs up" and "wave" abilties to try and interact but by the time I did those moves the players had already run away scavenging for loot so that was my failed attempt at gaming with other gasp humans.

I know that people worked on Fallout 76. I'm sure those that did are super proud of it and want people to have fun. I guess I'll end my thoughts by saying Fallout 76 just isn't a Fallout game for someone like me. I liked Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 a lot. I really enjoyed the Mass Effect games too.

Mainly I play story/adventure style games with tons of narrative. I knew Fallout 76 was different. I didn't go in blind but I wanted to try it anyway. Fallout 76 didn't quite check the boxes for me. That makes me kinda sad because I love Fallout. I'm worried that this online gaming thing is going to kill the few games I do enjoy.


I'm heading back into the vault

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