So if all this Lunchbox talk ends up being true, don’t ignore it. [FO76]

fallout 6 - So if all this Lunchbox talk ends up being true, don't ignore it. [FO76]

IF these lunchboxes end up being loot boxes that come out around Christmas like they seem to be. Then I swear to god DO NOT forget it. Even if Elder Scrolls 6 or Fallout 5 ends up being the second coming of Christ. Please, please, please don't just buy it immediately! At least wait for how likely it's gonna be a fu*king buggy mess.

Now obviously at the moment, we won't forget, but please don't buy whatever Bethesda makes next because of the fu*king mess 76 has been as a whole.

Hell, a whole boycott for Bethesda is a pretty good option at this point seeing how much of a complete downward spiral Bethesda have gone in since 76 came out.


If they do add these lunchboxes and if they are loot boxes at least make as much noise as what happened with Battlefront 2 because at least Battlefront 2 didn't have this fu*king mess of canvas bags, a buggy mess of a game, a pack of 12 .jpegs for 12$ when your saying that Battlefront 2 was in a better spot reputation-wise at launch then a fu*king Bethesda game makes me sad to be honest.

I like Fallout and I don't want this fu*king mess but Bethesda as gone to far already and this would just be the worst case of insult to injury.

TL;DR: If lunchboxes end up being loot boxes don't immediately buy their next game no matter how good it is, wait and don't fall into the same trap as last time. And a boycott is honestly a good option for this fu*king mess.

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