So it seems they’ve changed some of Reuben Gills story (Overseer of Vault 51) in the upcoming Shelters patch.

fallout 6 - So it seems they've changed some of Reuben Gills story (Overseer of Vault 51) in the upcoming Shelters patch.

For those of you who don't know much about the Vault 51 lore, here's a summary

Essentially a mainframe called ZAX was made to pick the ideal Overseer for Vault 51 from the residents within. However it took the wrong lessons from the man who was there to help it "learn" how to decide on an Overseer.

ZAX eventually pitted everybody against each other in progressively worse and sadistic ways in an effort to find the "Strongest Candidate" and by the end of it all, a man named Reuben Gill was the only survivor and therefore named Overseer of Vault 51. However due to him being the last survivor, he didn't see the point in actually doing his job as an Overseer and eventually ZAX created the 'Overseer levels' as a way to keep the Overseer selection process going and thus starting Nuclear Winter.

So Reuben finds out that Vault 76 is going to be opening and that ZAX knows this and plans on trying to use the occupants of 76 as candidates for Overseers. Reuben, not wanting it to see it happen all over again, decides to escape and warn 76.

Originally he escaped through a NW crate we can find in Morgantown and died on his way to 76, we can find his body nearby and a note that mentions "Warn 76" or something along those lines. That was the end of his story and 51s.

With patch 23 and the CAMP Shelter quest, they've actually changed Reuben's story.

Now, we find his dead body within a small cabin instead of on a hill, however he now has a key and a second note about materials he needs.

We can travel to Vault 51 (which is now a named location) and there's a Shelter entrance, we can go inside and we can read Reuben's notes.


It seems he was trying to break back into Vault 51 to "put an end to things" but is incredibly paranoid about, and scared of, Vault 51. Mentioning several times how the thought of the Vault being just outside the Shelter scares him. He mentions hacking into the the Vault 51 network systems and is now scared that he has let ZAX out, as Mr Clarke (The sales Mr Handy residing within the Shelter) referred to Reuben as 'Mr Candidate' instead of the normal 'Mr Gill'.

Reuben then mentions in his notes that he needs a 'drink' and will need to go searching as everywhere nearby is picked clean. He also mentions in the same note that he needs building supplies for the Shelter, which is what the note we find on his body says too. Meaning he left the shelter after writing this note and died whilst out scavenging.

So it seems at some point he chose not to try and warn 76 like he did originally, and just returned to 51 after a few months following his escape to try destroy ZAX.

Now this could all have just been for the CAMP Shelters however I find it interesting that they chose to change the ending of this persons life and add some more lore to Vault 51 in the process. They've not really tampered with anything relating to Vault 51's lore since it launched.

  1. It seems like they could be teasing an upcoming story involving Vault 51 and the ZAX mainframe creating havoc.

  2. 51 was just an easy choice and they might be trying to get some people into NW by giving a taster of the story within 51.

Personally I hope it's 1. It seemingly leaves it open to be expanded on further in the future which I hope they do as I could see it being interesting if ZAX was to get out into the world.

They could've easily linked Shelters to another Vault but specifically chose 51 and even if it may end up meaning nothing, I like that they chose to flesh out Reuben's life a little bit. His original end seemed a bit anti-climatic.

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