So last night I had my best online experience with random players ever

fallout 8 - So last night I had my best online experience with random players ever

So I got on last night to complete my lvl 45 excavator armor and after I did that I wanted to drop a nuke. I look around the map for people around my lvl to message and see if they want to join me. I see this lvl 90ish and lvl 60ish chilling at their camp around silo Charlie. I send them a message and they say sure and invite me to a team. Both of them don’t have mics but can here me when I talk. So we all get prepared at one of the guys camps and I notice they are rocking a mix of T-60 and T-51 armor. I think it’s odd because they are fairly high lvls. So we go to Charlie and I go down and after waiting a minute I get a message saying that it won’t let them come down. I realize neither of them have done the enclave quest line. Bare in mind it is 11 pm my time and midnight theirs. So I ask want me to help y’all start the quest line and they said sure. Fast forward 4 hours and we did all of the enclave quests and except the nuke one. I helped them through all the quests showing them the fastest ways and where the X-01 armor plans are. At this point it’s almost 3 am my time and I ask “still want to drop the nuke?”. I’m looking at them and their characters heads start nodding as fast as I could imagine. So we heard back to silo Charlie fully prepared this time and absolutely roll through it with no problem. That being I’m a melee build, one is a shotgun build with explosive quad double barrel and the last used the Tesla rifle and whatever it was it wrecked also. I show them how to launch the nuke and we point that bad boy at Whitesprings. At this point we are the only people on the server besides one lvl 11. We then go to Whitesprings and farming legendarys. Every time one of them had a legendary I would see a follow me emote. We all made sure we did damage to it then killed it. We figured out after 20 minutes the mobs took to long to spawn since there was 3 of us so one of us would leave to the main menu and come back to spawn them. Finally once the radiation went away and it was almost 5 am (6 am their time) I said my goodbyes to them and went to bed. It was a really wholesome time surviving the wasteland together. Complete strangers trusting each other to look out for one another. Side note one of them dropped that explosive quad shot db at the beginning and I thought he was giving it to me. Turns out he wasn’t and I dropped it back for him and he was happy I did. I think that’s what won me their trust.

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