So, started a new game a few days ago and poured a lot of time in creating the perfect “Country” of settlements.

fallout 3 - So, started a new game a few days ago and poured a lot of time in creating the perfect "Country" of settlements.

So basically I have the entire upper left quadrant under my control, heres how everything is set up:

So I have 3 main "cities"; Sanctuary, Covenant, & Sunshine. Each of those are just standard everyday folk living their lives

Ten pines and Zimonja are both decent homesteads where the more persecuted citizens can stay free of fear (strong lives alone in one and ghouls are in the other)

Greygarden is basically my robot factory, cods, curie, and ada oversee its daily operations

Starlight drive in is now fort starlight, given its position as the center for my country, a garrison of minutemen are stationed there to protect my settlements at a moments notice.

Abernathy farm stayed a farm, but is expanded and now produces almost all the food for my country

The red rocket is my jail, where any annoying standard settlers are sent to work on scavenging stations.

The castle serves as my Pentagon and all my followers along with my elite power armor minutemen task force are stationed there, with my prydwen parked directly above (mod)


Vault 81 is my "Institute 2.0", I knew to save face I had to destroy the villainous institute of the wasteland but its work was too important to lose, so I downloaded a synth creation mod and created synth copies of all the institute higher ups along with dima and virgil who run it and continue their work. There is also an entirely separate wing where my personal armory is located. Along with standard issue coursers, it is also guarded by sentry bots. It also does have a "refugee" wing i call vault 81-A where escaped original institute synths are allowed to live their lives in peace, basically a standard vault within the main complex but with no experiment shenanigans, a synth copy of nora is its overseer.

Boston airport is now the Boston battle dome, an arena for the Alcatraz prisoners to fight for a chance of a lighter sentence in my rehabilitation colony.

Jamaica plain is my rehabilitation colony, any prisoners who win freedom in the arena are allowed to live out their days here as normal citizens, but they cant leave and aren't supplied by the Abernathy farm, so they must make their own food and water. They are guarded by a squad of special synth coursers created from the template of the ruthless bounty hunter Kellogg.

And finaly spectacle island is my Alcatraz prison. All the raiders from nuka world are sent here and locked away or forced to fight in the arena.

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