So tired, stayed up from 1am to 5am to play. Impressions and notes about things during my session.

fallout 3 - So tired, stayed up from 1am to 5am to play. Impressions and notes about things during my session.

I am so tired, but it was well worth it. Working on two hours of sleep so I might get rambly some places in the post. (Also english is my second language)

I was playing on an Xbox One S, the framerate was decent in most places, some minor freezes once in a while and drops when out in spaces with a lot of nearby objects. It was not as bad as I feared, they have come a long way since the press demo.

The game is amazing, I was surprised at how few bugs I encountered. (that wasn't something present in all the other games)

I took my time playing this, no rushing through to level quickly, I only did a minimal of quests and decided to explore a few points of interest and play around with the C.A.M.P. After the session I ended up at half way to 7.

I was mostly playing solo but did get to utilize the proximity chat a few times during quest hubs and events. The sound quality is pretty good and the range larger than I had expected.

Quests and Holotapes

I held off doing too many things in this first session as I was very interested in the C.A.M.P. However all the holo tapes scattered around the world was great, and I basically stopped everything I was doing to listen to them when I found them.

I would advise people to do the quests up through at least the first town, before heading off ignoring the main quest as is the custom in fallout games. The rewards are good and you get some of the necessities needed to get going.

Melee, Sneaking and VATS

I am a terrible player when it comes to First Person Shooters with a controller and so I decided to run melee build.

Melee in this game is like you would expect from a first person Fallout game. While VATS is very different for guns, it is somewhat similar for melee, only you don't get the slowing down of time.

VATS is great for closing gaps and chasing things that doesn't want to melee. It has an inbuilt Blitz that is about half to 2/3rds of the range of Blitz rank1 in Fallout 4.

As a habit from Fallout 4 I spent much time sneaking, however since agility is low at the start and I didn't have any sneak perks I didn't really manage to sneak attack much. I did get to do it a few times and it looks like the base melee sneak multiplier is 2.

The Machete is one of the first weapons you encounter in the game you pick it up from a corpse. You are able to upgrade it right away with a better blade that also gives it bleed. Do this as soon as you encounter the first bench if you are running a melee build.

Remember to repair your equipment people! Having your weapon break while fighting a horde of Mr Handy is really, really bad.


I tested out shooting things a few times, but I can't hit the broad side of a barn with a controller. There didn't seem to be any issues with desyncing, which is always one of my main concerns with online shooters. If I had the shot lined up I hit the monster.

For VATS with ranged I had no points in Perception and so the two times I tried it with a gun I had terrible hit chances so didn't really attempt that much.

I picked up a number of low level guns mostly pipe pistols and 10mm.


While in Fallout 4 I often left things behind, in this I was picking up everything.

Scrapping items has a chance to provide blueprints for the item type. Even items with no mods has a chance to give blueprints. You want to horde everything you see and breakdown all the things every time you get near a bench.

I might look into getting more Intelligence for my next session for increased scrap.


The camp is sometimes a little hard to find a place for, you cannot place it down too close to a point of interest.

However it is very handy. When you move it, it will store everything you had placed down and you get to place them again. The camp is great to plop down when in the middle of nowhere. It is only a few caps to move it to where you are and then you get access to scrapping and storing things no matter where you are. (Assuming not inside a point of interest) It is free to fast travel to, so you don't need to dismantle it much.

The Camp seems to store things as they are connected. So I made two camps to store.

The main build where I was starting to setup a home and all the amenities.

The bare necessities which was two floors connected, on those I had a cooking station, a stashbox, a sleeping bag and a weapon crafting station. This was made so I didn't have to find a clear area to put down the whole thing when I needed to unload items and scrap junk.


What I am contemplating for my next session is to make a third one for resources. Resources generate over time, like I planted a carrot that had a value of 17/hour. So I am probably going to make one to put down where all my resources are together so I can place that down when I move the camp to ensure they keep generating stuff.

Perks and Healing

I didn't see any cards that hasn't already been discovered, but I did make an observation about First Aid that is pretty interesting.

In the game you have two Stimpacks. The normal big one and watered down versions.

They function the same way but with different values for healing. 2/3rds of the healing is quick and the last third is a slower overtime one.

Watered down: 20% quick, 10% slow

Normal Stimpack: 40% quick, 20% slow

First Aid is a pretty strong perk card. The first level gives 15% more healing (30%, 45% for the later versions, I only ran the first level)

Unlike in Fallout 4 where the perk gets you to 40, 60, 80% from a stimpack, the First Aid here is a multiplier. It also seems to round the numbers up.

With level 1 First Aid, my Watered down stims was doing 23% quick and 12% slow. Meaning that 15% amounted to a total of 5% more health per pack. The normal stim was 46% quick 23% slow for a total of 9% more health per pack.

With level 1 (15%) you are looking at:

Watered down: 23% quick, 12% slow for a total of 35% health

Normal Stimpack: 46% quick, 23% slow for a total of 69% health

With level 2 (30%) you are looking at:

Watered down: 26% quick, 13% slow for a total of 39% health

Normal Stimpack: 52% quick, 26% slow for a total of 78% health

With level 3 (45%) you are looking at:

Watered down: 29% quick, 15% slow for a total of 44% health

Normal Stimpack: 58% quick, 29% slow for a total of 87% health

Some foods also provide a healing over time buff that lasts for a while. It isn't much, but I found that it was great, at keeping me topped off after small skirmishes.

Diseases and how I wouldn't have made it to Oregon.

So while I was playing around with water pumps in my camp I managed to drink directly from it instead of grabbing the water to boil. (Curse you X and A buttons!)

Here I manage to contract dysentery.

Oh boy that was a doozy. The disease lasted 15 or 20 minutes and every so often it made me more thirsty. The disease ended up costing me most of my stockpile of Purified Water.

Remember to boil your water people!

PvP is very much optional

So while I was building and mucking about with my camp, two people decided that they wanted to kill me. One started shooting at me and the other shot a couple of times and then switched to melee.

I pretty much just ignored them. The one shooting spent maybe 50+ bullets on me hard to keep track of just how many he fired and the melee guy broke two weapons on me. Keep in mind I was mostly crafting in this I was level 5 and was wearing full level 5 leather.

Decided to bait them and let it look like they might actually kill me eventually, once I hit somewhere around 20% health, I went into my inventory and used a normal stim to heal to full. The two gave up and ran away.


I encountered very few bugs, but seeing as I might not have run about as much as many other as I was interested in the camp. Something that is very much like Fallout 4 but with better snapping that is to be expected.

I encountered a protectron that was hanging about my second camp location, is looked to be hostile but was immortal and just stood around. Also saw a floating Brahmin corpse, but that was the extend of issues I ran into. Didn't feel like I was lagging at any point and melee felt like it connected.

Overall Impression

I loved it. It was what I wanted from multiplayer Fallout 4.

Didn't feel pressured to join a group instead of doing my own thing, but talking to people in town was great.

Enjoyed the C.A.M.P and looking forward to testing the limit of the object budget.

Looking forward to the next session, hopefully one where I don't need to forego sleep to play it.


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