Solo Roleplaying: introduce your Characters

fallout 3 - Solo Roleplaying: introduce your Characters

Those of you who roleplay your character solo (not those in a group playing as enclave / BoS clan): introduce the background you created for your character, how you play them, what limitations you came up with based on his background, etc.

I play a classic Lone Wanderer / Scavenger who lives on selling stuff.

Brought up in the vault, wandering appalachia he quickly realised that his mission is more of a suicide than anything. All the posters (Celebrate Reclamation Day!), party heads and Thumbed – Up Vault Boy statues were just propaganda. There are even functioning societies out there (Settlers & Raiders), so what makes the Vault Dwellers superior in reastablishing some kind of order?

He set up a shop camp, selling the stuff he finds to be able to buy better weapons and gear from other players he refers to as "happy suiciders". A bunch of idealistic idiots in PA fighting giant monsters and messing around with atom bombs. Strange guys, if you ask him, but they sell nice stuff sometimes.

He prepares his scavenge hunts carefully:

-no radio / music. Distraction gets you killed out there. He turns out every radio he finds so nothing can sneek up on him + no ingame music.

-only carries limited weapons and ammo. Stuff weights you down. Binoculars, a melee weapon, a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle is all he has favorited. He carries a sniper also but has to manually pick it from his backpack every time he needs it. Preperation is key to survival. Of course he tries to be sneaky, scout his surroundings and attacks with a height advantage whenever possible.

-weight of items has to be as low as possible / reasonable. A fully kitted sniper may be nice to have but weights 6 pounds more than a semi perfect one. He barely uses it anyway, so he prefers light weight over superiority (for example: medium scope instead of long scope, pistol grip instead of full shoulder stock).

-he picks his fights. Attacking a raider camp from above may be clever since they have loot to sell later on, but attacking a level 68 yao guay for 4 screws is an unnecessary risk.


-he has a power armor, but used it for like 10 minutes. Sometimes that jetpack comes in handy when he can't reach a cliff, but other than that it is just to loud and expensive to use.

-he doesn't do drugs. At all. Those can be sold to others, but he refuses to use any other than stims.

-when he started, he had to use a one handed weapon whenever he put on his pip-boy light (imo it is like a flashlight blocking use of one hand). Since he found his first mining helmet he can now use a two handed weapon as long as he wears a helmet with headlights.

-he does not server hop or grind. He lives from what he can find. If an item is not there he can't get it. He better picks up what he can and tries his luck buying it from someones shop. He is not looking for perfect gear, but buys if it is better than his current one (just bought a lever action with extra limb damage and reload speed which may be considered uninteresting by others but is giving him a clear advantage over his standard one, so he is happily willing to spend the caps).

-he can only fast travel to train stations or camps (tried to walk everywhere but it is far to time consuming so i had to make this compromise).

-he started to help out beginners, handing free stims, ammo and guns. They may not be able to buy stuff at his shop yet, but if they die to a ghoul they will never be his customers. It's an investment that benefits in the future.

-vendor slots are limited and he is constantly scavenging, so prices have to be very low and stuff needs to sell fast.

-he tries to stay healthy (no bloodied build). He cooks food if possible, tries to avoid radiation. When he get's a mutation his primary goal is to get rid of it asap (no mutations). As mentioned before drugs are a no go (no junkie build).

-outfit: Drifter Outfit (Scavenger Outfit also looks great imo), Mining Helmet, small backpack (for more "realistic" carryweight / keep resticted a bit). Backpack has a shop skin that comes with a shovel attached. He needs that added shovel to be as prepared as possible.

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