Some Advice for Bethesda about Patch Notes

fallout 7 - Some Advice for Bethesda about Patch Notes

I've written my share of patch notes. I know what it's like to get hate for the nerfs that had to get put in. Here's something I like to do to make things a little less brutal.

1) Actually list everything you're putting in the patch.

2) Explain – WHY – the thing is being changed. Instead of ninja nerfing fusion core production at power plants. Say the following.

  • We have noticed that fusion core production is leading to a surplus of fusion cores and making power armor a flat upgrade to the alternative of not wearing it. We are testing adjustments with fusion core production rate and power armor energy drain and will make further modifications based on community feedback.

    This sort of approach helps soften the blow to the player while at the same time explaining exactly WHY you are doing what you're doing. It also shows you're willing to revert or modify changes based on player feedback. Be transparent, be honest, and stop hiding things. Otherwise players will find out what was changed, and the only explanation they'll have to your reasoning will be speculation. ( That speculation will almost always be negative )

You've made the transition into dealing with the MMORPG crowd. You have to operate like an MMORPG developer.

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