Some backstory on my Minutemen Republic fanfiction I’m writing:

fallout 5 - Some backstory on my Minutemen Republic fanfiction I'm writing:

The Organization:

The Minutemen Republic's government is organized into several different branches that are as follows and are all led by the General-President:

The Military Corps: The Military Corps, or usually shortened to the MCs, are the main defensive and offensive force of the Republic, reorganized from just "the Minutemen" after the defeat of the Institute, the Military Corps boasts over 10,000 troops alongside 50 Power Armored troops.

Location: The main of hub of the Military Corps is the Castle, refortified after the General help retake months before the defeat of the Institute and after the defeat of the Brotherhood of Steel, expanded and rebuilt on the inside to house more barracks and training facilities. They do however have presences in Diamond City(the capital of the Republic), Bunker Hull, Sanctuary, and various other locations.

The Agriculture Branch: Just as important, if not more, is the need to make sure every person is well-fed in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, this is where the Agriculture Branch comes in, headed by dozens of different researches and scientist, the AB tests new ways to grow or raise food in different conditions, they've even managed to grow pre-war tomatoes and potatoes from tatos after over five years of hard work.

Location: The AB are mainly located in Diamond City, reusing the former mayor's office as hub for their actives, they also have a research facility located in Sanctuary Hill, the location close enough to Vault 101 giving them hope one day they can mass-produce refrigeration technology to try and preserve food longer.


The Civilian Sector: The Civilian Sector monitors everything having to do with the common people in the government's borders, they make sure everyone has a place to live, are happy and comfortable, and that they don't become raiders and threaten the government.

The Military Research Division: The MRD is the branch that is responsible in making sure that the Military Corps has weapons to wage war with, they send out teams to scour the Wastes to rediscover old military technology and have set up in the Saugus Ironworks, after it was cleared out by the General, to help in the mass production in arms and armor, the new "Boston"-pattern combat armor was produced here.

The Medical Research Teams: Everyone gets injured, this is just a matter of life in the Wastes, and this is where the MRTs come into help. Led by Head-Researcher Curie, they spend hours on end synthesizing new medicines or discovery how to make old ones like stimpacks, radway, and Rad-X. By the time the Second Minutemen-Brotherhood War came around, the MRTs were on the frontlines providing medical care and getting soldiers back to the frontlines quicker than they had before.

I'm think I'm running out of characters so I'll continue more tomorrow. Any feedback is appreciated.

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