Some DLC proposal I thought up last night, which I like to call “Rose’s Raiders.”

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Some DLC proposal I thought up last night, which I like to call "Rose's Raiders."

Allow me to propose an idea for a game expansion beyond the recently-teased "Wild Appalachia" which I've been thinking of and which I think holds a lot of promise and potential. The short version: A way to integrate the "Automatron" content into Fallout 76 and in such a way as to provide a springboard for all kinds of additional quests, events, challenges and such.

The players receive a radio broadcast from Rose, which begins something along these lines:

"Hey, there, buddy! So… you know my whole raider radio thing? There haven't exactly been a whole lot of takers lately. Like, at all. Now don't get me wrong! I'm not givin' up on that, but in the meantime, I figured maybe I'd get a little creative. It's kind of had mixed results, and I was hopin' you could come up to the Top of the World to hear me out. Whenever you've got the free time or whatever."

Upon arriving, the locale is surprisingly bustling with activity: Scrapheap robots clanking around, all apparently friendly. Among them are guards, vendors, quest-givers and such. Highly eccentric and mis-matched bits and pieces. Coming to Rose's office, she greets you:

"I guess you probably saw some of this comin' up here. I thought to myself, if I can't find any gang members, maybe I could just… make some? The good news is that some of them have turned out to be almost as great as me, and I have big plans for them. The bad news is that a lot of them have turned out to be… kind of unpredictable. The worse news is that a lot of those unpredictable ones have been going around and makin' more of themselves.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but before the bombs dropped, the folks around here had a serious hard-on for automation and the whole of Appalachia is crawlin' with robots. And those just look like spare parts to my, uh… little frankensteins. You're probably gonna be seein' a lot of them out there from now on, unless we can get a handle on this thing. The good news ABOUT the worse news is that I think that you could probably learn a thing or two about buildin' robots and maybe put this stuff to good use yourself…"

What does this mean for gameplay? A lot.

First, randomly-built robot enemies spawning all over the world for unpredictable and novel combat encounters. Second, just as with Fallout 4, robot mods can be learned by killing these scrapheap robots which can then be used to build your own follower. This could be a guard for CAMPS, or a bodyguard to accompany you. Perhaps even a mobile conduit to your STASH.


Second, robot NPCs. Rose's new "gang" at Top of the World, for starters, who can give quests, start events, dailies, and more. But why stop there? What if some of Rose's rebel robots aren't dangerous per se; they just don't want a part of her action? Some of the more sparsely-used locales in the game could play home to little enclaves of rebel robots doing their own thing. You could have little villages of them here and there, with different agendas. Perhaps a militaristic one run by a reprogrammed Colonel Gutsy who's attained sentience but lost none of his patriotic fervor, along with some assaultrons and such. Another group of repurposed Mr. Handies attempting to restore order and civility. A cluster of robobrains harvesting the grey matter of ghouls to increase their numbers. Each could provide launching-points for quests and events. Maybe even a traveling caravan or two like Graham, acting as mobile vendors.

Third: Modus. "Members… it has come to our awareness that there have been certain… developments above-ground with regard to the region's robotic population. While many are merely… crude pastiches of existing pre-war models, other have demonstrated… intruging novelty. We would like to… investigate them, in greater detail." Again, new quests, challenges and events as Modus sends his little enclave out to gather specimens, repurpose Bot-Stops, or make war on some of the more diruptive elements out there. Fourth: The Mayor of Grafton. The idea of having a fully ambulatory body upon which he might perch a jaunty campaign hat is an idea so interesting to him that the only thing more enticing is an office full of swingin' secretaries. Again, new quests, challenges and events as he gets players to build him a functioning body and set him up with a decent office and campaign staff to prepare for his next election.

And fifth: A new end-game raid in the mold of the Scorchbeast Queen. Rose's greatest creation and greatest error. A behemoth-sized robotic monstrosity ruling over his own teeming swarm of bots. Give him some personality. Give him some dialogue. Make him a memorable antagonist. And then have players launch a nuke at him so that the EMP scrambles him and his goons, making them vulnerable enough to take them down in an epic multi-player battle with commensurate rewards.

This is an hour or two of thoughts. I'm sure that there's a million things that could be done with a premise like this which I'm not even thinking of. I put it out there for Bethesda's consideration, and community discussion. I think there's a load of promise here.

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