Some helpful hints I’ve figured out so far.

fallout 5 - Some helpful hints I've figured out so far.
  • Don't drop your spoiled food. I was using a chem station yesterday and noticed you can turn your spoiled food into raw fertilizer, which is used in making chems and explosives. Of course, I had just dropped a whole bunch of it just a few minutes before since I thought it was useless.
  • This is going to be a game about weight management, especially when it comes to junk. Scrap your junk at every workbench you come across and whenever you find a Tinkerer's Bench, convert your scrap to bulk! I'm not sure about the weight savings per unit of scrap, but it seems to be considerable. You need plastic for every bulk unit. I ran out of that pretty quickly. Also, visit your camp often to store it all and craft stuff.
  • It's tempting to say, I just won't pick up junk, but I think the better path is to just be more selective of the junk you pick up. I ignore stuff that only gives me common things like steel and wood, but adhesive is definitely hard to come by and is used for most weapon and armor mods and repairs. Likewise, as I mentioned above, plastic is needed to convert it all to bulk scrap. So far, some of the things that were rare in Fallout 4, like Aluminum and nuclear material, seem to be a bit more plentiful. Aluminum is found on the robots you're going to be slaughtering and nuclear material is on all those petrified corpses around the world.
  • It's also tempting to say you won't pick up the multitude of pipe weapons that you find, but again grab them and scrap them for all those tasty mods they unlock and those sweet sweet screws. I don't know how long I'll continue to pick them up, but I'll do it for the foreseeable future since that's where I'm getting my wood and steel too.
  • Make some of the drinks, like sootflower tea. They restore the same amount of thirst as boiled water, but with a bonus (+10 AP for sootflower tea) and fewer rads than boiled water. Plus soot flowers are everywhere. They're the blue ones.


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