Some of my best player encounters

fallout 4 - Some of my best player encounters

This is my first post on reddit as a fairly new user so please be kind!

I feel like some of the best times I've had on the game have been random encounters with other players. I enjoy reading other people's experiences so I thought I'd add mine 🙂

The first one was a group of around 6 younger lads from Ireland who were maybe 10-13? I ran into them in the middle of a road building a structure when they approached me, sent a team invite which I accepted, then proceeded to ask me my opinions on the mothman and if I would like the join their cult which worships him. I'm a bit hesitant not knowing if they are going to gang up on me for my junk but they start to fast travel to the moth man museum and ask me to follow. I do. We go to the statue of the mothman and they ask me to kneel and someone drops me a mothman egg omelette and tells me to eat it as part of the ceremony. I then follow them to the basement of the mothman museum into the church and they all sit on the pews except one who asks me to join him at the front and asks me to pledge to worship the mothman. I'm then told I'm about to be baptised. We go to the river outside and they tell me to jump in to complete the ritual and then I'll be given the holy garments of the mothman cult. I get out the river and they give me ritual bindings and some aid supplies. It all happened so fast but it was hilarious and remains one of the funniest experiences I've had so far!

Another experience was with a guy from England who I ran into in the train yard. We were at the same kind stages of the overseers log quests so decided to do the next bits as a team. I had 1 fusion core so he shared his with me, gave me purified water and radaway. We ventured on our quest and played for around 4 hours together, it was a really cool experience!


The next experience I had was with a woman from Wales. Being a female I've not really come across many other girls playing the game so it was a nice surprise to find out that the male character was her husband's profile and she liked to play in the evenings when her kids were asleep. We chatted about the game and I helped her out with some quests and gave her some items and it was another great experience.

Most recently my camp in the whitesprings was under attack by a diseased glowing albino yao guai at level 60something (I was only level 20 something) my friend who I was playing with just started the game and was under LVL 10 was repeatedly dying and respawning into the mess so ran further up the map to another players camp who was a lot higher LVL. than us for help. He's shouting his gamertag over the mic and using emotes but this guy is building inside his locked up camp totally obvious to the carnage we are enduring. Long story short I eventually killed the yao guai after it tore through my camp but we decided to try and visit the guy again to explain. Eventually we all spoke over mics and he was laughing and felt so bad for not understanding what my friend was jumping about at outside his door. He showed us round his camp and we took some photos together.

I really wish people would interact more with others as I feel like it really makes fallout 76

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