Some of us are noobs

fallout 6 - Some of us are noobs

So I am no stranger to fallout. In fact, I’m OG. I was a kid when pong came out and have nearly had every console in existence since Colecovision. I’m an old fart now and have avoided MMO’s like the plague. I generally don’t play games to be social. I play games to escape from the hectic day of work, life etc. I’ve played every single fallout game when released. Nuclear post apocalyptic stuff is my favorite genre. I even played the original Wasteland on release on my old Commodore. Like I said, OG.

With Wastelanders, I decided to set aside my resentment of Bethesda for making a Fallout that was not single player and give FO76 a try. I’m glad I did. I love it. Even somewhat enjoying the multiplayer aspect.

But…I’m a complete noob. In my first event, I was with 4 or 5 other players (no chat because I don’t even own a headset so why bother?). As the timer for the event began, I had a guy following me around in the event with power armor and some kind of gigantic sledge. I thought, “we are going to kick some ass!”

Once the even started, nothing. He just followed me while I shot and killed robot after robot and I was thinking, “I’m doing all of the work while you spectate here.”

Only today after following his sub, am I realizing he was being courteous and allowing me to kill and take all the XP. I can’t remember his level but it was scary high for my first level twelve at that point.


After stating to understand the culture of this game, I’m feeling a little guilty thinking he was trying to make me do all the work. As I’m starting to understand the culture of this game though, I am really glad I finally jumped in and gave it a shot.

Sure I’ve had one or two bad experiences (one idiot repeatedly asking me to show him my privates – trust me, I’m old, he really didn’t want that) now that I’ve learned how to turn on the audio (duh) for local chat and I even went so far as to order a headset if I get brave enough to accept the reality that I’m not in a single player game and try and actually speak to anyone.

After the XP weekend, I’m so close to level 50, I can taste it and am anxious to re-assign my stats and really get started with this game. But, honestly, one of the things I am enjoying the most about this game is what I expected to like least – the community.

So thanks to everyone for being so cool, sharing advice, not bashing for stupid questions and the blue suitcase stashes, of which I have found two with lots of ammo and other cool stuff. I found one before even understanding how it all got there.

But remember, there are true noobs to MMO’s out there that literally have no idea what they are doing like yours truly.

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