Some of you have the wrong idea about the Fasnacht event

fallout 5 - Some of you have the wrong idea about the Fasnacht event

The event is about allowing everyone on to join up and have fun. No matter what level you are, 300+ or fresh out of the vault, you can participate, and have just as much chance as anyone to get an equal reward. Yes, the fresh out of the vault level 1 might not be as useful at killing things, but that's the beauty of the parade. They don't hurt the event.

Some people get what it's about. A fun time that takes about 20-30 minutes.

Those that are very angry over not having gotten at least one rare masks. Well, all I can say is that isn't what the event is about.

I've seen so many conspiracy posts about it, fueled by anger over not having a digital item in a digital world, that in 2-4 weeks after the event ends, will sit in their stash box, taking up space, and forgotten about save now and then. People are saying the devs are lying. That it's all a trick to keep us grinding at the event.

One person did a one day poll, and then concluded there was only a .03% chance of a rare mask. The data in that poll is not accurate, can't be verified, and so any results from it, are wrong. But people are using it to push their own views and opinions. Which is basically, give us a rare mask, because we want it.

I've even seen people say a rare mask should be guaranteed if you run the event so many times.

Here's the thing about all these angry posts about the event.

You don't have any real information about the rate at which the rare masks can drop. They are just very rare is all we've been told. We don't know if it's one per server per day. We don't know if the chances will increase closer to the end of the event. We just don't have the facts. I know that facts don't stop people from saying they know the truth.


But in truth, many of these posts really come down to trying to shame Bethesda into changing something. And so, what was meant to be an inclusive event anyone could participate in, have some fun, and have just as much chance as anyone at the rewards. Has now become a very ugly thing on this reddit. Making this reddit just as ugly as those posts.

So basically, all these angry, mean, ugly posts about not getting a rare mask, have basically brought a very ugly element into a fun, silly, easy, community event. Bethesda isn't going to take down the servers to change the drop rate. They will give consideration to how they do something like this in the future. But it won't be to make it easier to get the rare items (Because then they aren't rare), they will just make the stuff that doesn't drop as often less attractive. Because that's the actual solution for a company. Don't make the rare stuff as desirable.

Honestly anyone having a crap attack over not getting a digital item, in a game during this, should be ashamed of the tantrum they are having, and making what is supposed to be fun, ugly.

The masks are purely cosmetic. So much anger over a cosmetic mask, that you will grow bored with in a few weeks. I ran the events for the recipes and the decorations. Because those are things I can find uses for past the event.

I was pleased that the first time I ran it, I got the beret. I like cosmetic effects like many people. Not everything looks good on my character. The beret is one of the few hats that I like on him. But I would have been fine if I never got it.

And anyone that gets this angry over something like this, makes me feel like those people are being like Star Belly Sneetches. They want to use it to brag how they have something you will never have. They need this to brag about, and use it to raise their self esteem.

But Fasnacht will most likely be a yearly event. So there will be another chance.

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