Some Perk Cards Should Really Just Be Passive

fallout 2 - Some Perk Cards Should Really Just Be Passive

I think it's kinda dumb that I have to go into pipboy, Level up if I have to, take off a charisma card to replace it with travel agent, fast travel, remember to go back to pipboy just to replace with my other card again.

Cards like this should always be active after you've used a level to unlock them. The other more clear examples are lockpick and hacking. I'm sure there are more, but switching everything around to do one action is pointless and really just a waste of time. Anyone agree?

Edit: Gaining a little momentum here's a list of what I think should be passive. Will update later when I go through them all.

Edit 2: Another thought that may make passive cards a little more balanced is maybe

  1. Having to use a level up to get the card
  2. Having to use another level up to drop said passive enabled cards from rank 1 to rank 0, meaning it doesn't take a special point. Seems easily doable. So for ammo smith 2, you'd need 4 level ups to have it completely passive. I'd say that's pretty fair. Adds a lot more replayability after hitting that level 50 mark and actually having a need to level higher


No Strength Perks Passive


Picklock, Expert Picklock, Master Picklock


? Percepti-bobble ?

? Fortune Finder ?

? Pannapictagraphist ?


No Endurance Perks Passive


Travel Agent

Hard Bargain


Gunsmith (Only up to rank 3 because for some reason it makes your guns break slower too, unlike any other crafting perks)



Hacker, Expert Hacker, Master Hacker


Science, Science Expert, Science Master

? Fix It Good ?

? Weapon Artisan ?

Power Smith


Home Defence

Ammo Smith

? Secret Agent ?


? Pharma Finder ?

? Scrounger ?

? Cap Collector ?

Finished! THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT. I'd like this post to keep gaining momentum and we can discuss below what really should/shouldn't be passive. I think having to spend a lv to reduce them to passive is a great idea to balance this out. I'm the LAST person that wants this game to be easy. I consider this more of a QOL than making the game easier. Let's discuss civilly below.

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