Some perks that would actually be legendary

fallout 5 - Some perks that would actually be legendary

I thought the legendary perk cards released yesterday were a bit uninspiring. Here are some perks that I think would actually be legendary, and hopefully rebalance the game and increase the viability of certain builds, too

Ambidextrous – you can dual-wield pistols

Streaker – your movement speed is increased by 25/50/75/100% while wearing no armor

Super soldier – +10 STR and +100 carry weight while wearing power armor

High maintenance – deal 20/30/40/50% more damage while above 85% health, well-fed and well-hydrated

Ejector seat – gain 250 damage resistance and +10/20/30/40% jetpack speed when you drop below 20% health, at increased AP cost

Frequent flier – jetpack AP cost reduced by 10/20/30/40%

Child at heart – the effects of bobbleheads and magazines now last 5/10/15/20 in-game hours

Jury-rigged – you can place 1/2 perk card(s) outside of their corresponding SPECIAL category, provided you have the points to do so

Indecently lucky – each point in LCK adds a .1/.3/.5/.8% chance for a non-legendary enemy to drop a random legendary item

Macgyver – you can salvage rare components like ultracite and flux from scrapping legendary weapons

Bombardier – your explosive heavy weapons ignore 10/20/30/40% of enemy armor and weigh 30/40/50/60% less

Intelligent design – when crafting legendary armor, you can select the minor/major/primary prefix to craft. Other effects remain random


Dr. Strange – each mutation grants 5/15/25/35 damage (max 140), energy and radiation resistance

Crepuscular – Deal +10/15/20/25% damage at dusk and dawn

Tracker – the direction of the nearest legendary enemy is displayed in VATS

the best pirate I’ve ever seen – the broadsider, harpoon gun, dragon and all black powder weapons deal an additional 50/100/150/200% damage

Weird science – the cryolator and all plasma and energy weapons deal an additional 5/10/15/20% damage

Edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger, lots of good feedback and additional ideas in the comments so please read

Some people have suggested that I tag a Bethesda community member. Don’t know who any of the community members are but I have added a reproduction of this post onto the Bethesda forum seeking feedback on legendary perks. If you think it useful to tag a Bethesda community member feel free to do so

Edit 2: hear me out guys:

Mad as a hatter – mercury poisoning has begun to set in: crafting headwear grants bonuses to STR and AGI (max +5) at the cost of PER and INT (max -10), lasting for one hour

Edit 3: I should really go to bed:

Dogfight – while in the air, deal 10/15/20/25% additional damage to flying enemies, including jet packing players

Curie-ous – inflict 30/40/50/60% more radiation damage

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