Some suggestions I’ve noted down as ive played.

fallout 6 - Some suggestions I've noted down as ive played.

First off i want to say that i love this game and even if it has a few bugs that still need to be worked out it has my support.

Second i want to voice a few of my suggestions that i have noted down as ive been playing. And i know some of these have been posted by others, i just share in the same thoughts as them and am not trying to steal their suggestions.

1) Add .5 caps to the slider for pricing trades: This would make things easier when trading ammo as some players sell 2 rounds for 1 cap and as a result we need to know how much ammo the person is planning on buying. unless the buyer has a mic or some other form of communication to establish the amount of ammo (of other item) they are planing to buy it becomes a bit more difficult.

2) Perk card load outs: It would be nice to be able to to swith up perk cards a little easier. Being able to swith from a fighting build to a crafting build without having to remove a bunch of perk cards then adding a bunch of perk cards would be nice. I can count the number of times i have switched out some cards to craft somethe or work on my C.A.M.P. and forgot to switch them back and found myself in a large fight. I would suggest adding 2 or 3 load outs that you can switch between with the opinion to buy (caps or atoms) and maybe the possibly to add load outs to the favorites wheel.

3) Clans/factions: I personally would love to see some sort of clan or faction feature added, some way for people to create a group for similar interests or RPs. Even if the "founder" has to pay X caps to create a group. This could also be a way to add group based quests and challenges.

4) The ability to name Power Armor Chassis: I believe this one is pretty self explanatory but i say why i suggest it. Now if your like me you carry multiple sets of Power Armor, this coud be to sell, trade, give away is the unexpecting new player, or just to switch it up between styles and stats. But nothing is more annoying then having to place all your Power Armor sets out just to find that one (in my case its usually the last one 🙄), so being able to name them would be an amazing help.

5) Train or other forms of transportation: This suggestions came up being me and another player as we were hopping from one train station to train station to hit up the Vendor Bots. We got talking and thought it would be cool if there was and event to get the train up and running so it could be used and a way to fast travel when overencumbered (caps woud have to be used to buy a train ticket). This also lead to the conversation of "what if there were "mounts" or other forms of transportation like bikes or brahmin or something else.


6) C.A.M.P. radios: It would be nice to have something other than the Jukebox as a source of music in the camps. Maybe add something like the radios from FO4 where you can place a radio that is pre-tuned to one of the games stations.

7) Multiple map markers and or map notes: I'd love to see a way to mark multiple spots on the map or add notes about a spot. I often come across something in the game and think to myself "i need to remember where this is so i can come back to it" but i always end up forgetting and having to hit uo Google to find where something was, and all to often i mark a spot on the map as a waypoint only to come across something that i want to come back to and end up having to move my marker resulting in me losing my waypoint.

8) Way to get unstuck: I suggest this mainly for console users like myself. I occasionally find myself climbing something or jumping around only to get stuck between something. I recently had this happen where i jumped over a wall in Whitesprings only to get stuck on the forklift, unable to jump or move i had to resort to drawing in ghouls to kill me. When i got back for my loot it was to late, someone had already taken it… So maybe add some way for the game to recognise that your stuck and offer to some sort of option to help.

9) Increase in camp budget: I don't think i need to explain this one but it would be nice to do more with our C.A.M.P.s, weather it be building more or decorating more. I feel the budget gets eaten up way too quickly with not a lot to show for.

10) The paper bag: I've seen others mention it as well. But there should be some kind of difference between the Paper Bags for death and those from stuff you drop. I also think it would be fun (if different Paper Bags were added) to bring different styles of bags to the Atoms shop.

11) Ability to switch from the "slider" to a number pad: I do a lot of trading and i find the "slider" to be rather annoying then it comes to pricing stuff for trade. So my thought was maybe add the ability to switch to a number pad of sorts.

12) Pets/companions: Cause who doesn't want a lil company while your tinkering at your C.A.M.P. or soloing it around the wasteland.

13) well i had another suggestion pop into my head earlier but was to busy to note it down and cant think of it now…

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