Some thoughts and feedback on the events from an outfit hunter.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Some thoughts and feedback on the events from an outfit hunter.

So I've been playing for awhile now since the game came out, and have done pretty much everything. So now I'm just farming events and trying different builds and stuff. I usually play a few hours a day and got maybe 4-5 rare drops in about a week. Most of this stuff isn't new or groundbreaking but I suppose it's also feedback for Bethesda as some events are more enjoyable than others. Also I wont list out every single event or reward, only the highlights and most sought after stuff.

Region: The Forest

Rewards: VTU Jacket and Cap, Responders Fireman Uniform and Helmet, Cop Cap

Tea Time

Difficulty: Easy

This one is pretty straight forward, just defend the three pipes until you defeat all three waves of wildlife. Best place to stand is near the concrete steps in between the main pipe and the one in the forest. The secondary pipe is rarely attacked but if you see a health bar go down and it's not the two you are guarding then you know it's that one.

Verdict: Good, needs more spawns as sometimes a 'wave' consists of one bloodbug.

Collision Course

Difficulty: Easy

Same as tea time, but you dont have to guard anything as the waves come to the landing pad or military base or wahtever. There are 5 waves of scorched. Explosive weapons make quick work of them. They are also tagged which makes this an incredibly easy event.

Verdict: Good, consistent spawns.

Feed The People

Difficulty: Easy, tedious

This one is easy as the enemies are low level, but there are a couple of steps to do. First off you need to collect the brown cannisters lying around the warehouse and deposit them into the machine. This is pretty simple as they are easy to spot and the place isn't very big. Then you activate the machine and protect the three spots. Usually if you are solo you stand on the ground floor and watch the two as the one up top doesn't get attacked often. There are always 2 mechanical failures that you will have to solve by running diagnostics on the terminal and then fixing the issue. They are always tagged on your compass so it's easy, just a bit of running around.

Verdict: Reasonable, different mechanical issues each time. Layout not too big or confusing.

Fly Swatter

Difficulty: Easy

Teleport to the event, pull out explosive heavy weapon, blast the vertibird out of the sky, job done.

Verdict: I like it. Easy, straight forward.

Fertile Soil

Difficulty: Easy

We should all know how to do this one, it's usually the first event you do when you start a new char. The three targets are marked on the map and compass, simply run through the gunfire ignoring the farmhands, pop the targets, run into the building go down to the basement and use the terminal. ???? Profit.

Verdict: Enjoyable. On a bright sunny day, the scenery is nice.

Back on the Beat

Difficulty: Moderate

Follow the bot to 3 nearby locations as he tests the alarm and defend him from random ghouls. The first time I tried this event I failed a couple of times, and thought that it was BS, but then I did it some more and now it's actually super easy and predictable. First off, yes if you let the bot get mobbed it will die, but most of the ghouls are level 3 and take awhile to kill the bot. However, there are at least three level 15 ghouls that can kill the bot in one or two swipes, and they always show up when the bot is walking from a room to another room. So the first encounter is right after testing the first room, as it walks towardes the second room, a cockroach will crawl out of a tire, ignore it that's a decoy. Seconds later a level 15 ghoul with a crown next to its name will show up behind the bot and run towards it. Kill this ghoul, and a few others , and you should be good. Another tip is to stand off a bit from the bot instead of walking besides it, ive seen some people stick too closely and they dont see the ghouls coming from behind, and end up failing the quest. There are usually only three ways to fail this quest: 1.) carelessness 2.) killing yourself with an explosive weapon, if the bot is being attacked you wont make it back in time 3.) you missed the level 15 ghoul and it kills the bot in two swipes.

Verdict: Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty straight forward. Follow the bot around a set path and guard it from predictable spawns.

Region: Toxic Valley

Rewards: Western Outfit (and w/ Chaps), Responder Fireman Outfit, Cop Cap

Bots on Parade

Difficulty: Easy

One of my favorite events, it only lasts about 2-3 minutes as you defend the bots from enemies that usually attack one by one and from the same spawn location. So you just sit on some place high and shoot them. Afterwards you might be asked to clean up any stragglers but they will be marked.

Verdict: Good

A Real Blast

Difficulty: Moderate

The difficulty comes from two parts: one, while you're activating the satellites you might get attacked, the worst are the mole rats they spawn like rabbits and gank you, and two, sometimes you lose track of which satellites you activated and end up running around in circles looking for the last one. After you activate them, just stick around for a few seconds and you need to fix 3-4 of them while defending yourself from the mobs and then they drop the orbital strike and it's done.

Verdict: Sometimes the satellites aren't tagged and can be difficult to find. It's an okay event but you end up killing most of the enemies before the orbital strike lands.

Grafton Day

Difficulty: Easy

Super easy, just teleport to event, run to the monster which is tagged and blast it. Job done, dont even need to bother with the robots and supermutants, let them fight it out.

Verdict: Attend parade, murder everyone. The grafton monster was quite a sight when playing for the first time.

Protest March

Difficulty: Easy, tedious

Same location as Grafton Day but takes a bit more work because you need to go into the building (with the blown out corner) it has a bunch of voting machines and printers inside, go up the stairs and clean up the two floors above, then get on the roof and look down and finish off any scorched and robots. Sometimes takes awhile to end and feels buggy but it's easy.

Verdict: It's ok. Kinda messy because you've got the scorched protesters, the supermutant counter protesters, and the robots from the parade get into the mix, so it's one big royal rumble between several groups.

Swarm of Suitors

Difficulty: N/A

This one is easy to do but I stopped getting any rewards two patches ago so I stopped doing it.

Verdict: The event, besides not getting any rewards, is kind of odd. Your supposed to get on the island and prevent the mirelurks from getting there to lay their eggs, but nothign happens when they do, so you pretty much just get on the island to start the event and then go mirelurk hunting on the coast line. Maybe make it so whenever a mirelurk reaches the island, you have 10-15 seconds to kill them or the event fails.

Region: Savage Divide

Rewards: BOS Jumpsuit, White Powder Jumpsuit, Whitespring Jumpsuit

Distinguished Guests

Difficulty: Hard

I dont usually do this one because it's pretty tough even with several people. First you find the robot waiters and interact with them, then you run around looking for the plates and table centerpieces, but sometimes the plates are buggy and dont disappear after you pick them up, there's a fairly short timer and mobs randomly attack the place. The good news is you only need about half a bar of approval to succeed but it's not worth it.


Verdict: This event is different than the others, but it's also my least favorite. Not only do they need to fix the bug where the plates don't disappear when you pick them up, they should maybe restrict the plates and centerpieces to be inside the main building only, because right now they are way out in the lawn as well. It's just a tedious event with lots of running around and memorizing the approximate location of 25 plates and 6 centerpieces.

Guided Meditation

Difficulty: Moderate

This one is hard to do alone, the four locations are pretty far apart from each other and the mobs are pretty tough (I usually get high level supermutants). The timer is also pretty long IIRC so I only do it once in awhile for the variety.

Verdict: This ones actually pretty fun if you have a team, solo is okay too but you might struggle to guard four points. I would maybe shorten the timer a little bit.

The Messenger

Difficulty: Hard

This event is tied with Distinguished Guests as the worst events in the game. You need to escort the bot to a location but it seems to be random every time, and half the time he gets stuck somewhere and the event fails. I've gotten it to work a couple of times but once again not worth it, and even then it can sometimes take up to 10+ minutes because it's so slow and the pathfinding is terrible.

Verdict: I don't have a problem with escort quests, it's nice to enjoy the scenery once in awhile, but they have to fix the pathfinding and maybe let the bot "cheat" by teleporting a short distance whenever it gets stuck. Better than failing the whole thing and wasting peoples time. Also the bot is incredibly weak and goes down in one or two hits, and has a limited 'respawn' supply. I can see this being annoying when the event occurs in a tougher zone with higher level mobs.

Uranium Fever

Difficulty: Easy

Everyone knows about this event, it's probably the most popular as anytime it shows up you'll always get a few people participating. Most of them go after the legendaries which consistently spawn at least three times but I'm just there for the outfits.

Verdict: This event is alright.

One Violent Night

Difficulty: Moderate

This one is much easier to do with at least two people so one can play the instruments while the other covers them. Otherwise you will need to rely on the jukebox, which needs constant repairs as the feral ghouls launch kamikaze attacks towards it. Make sure you have enough Glass and Circuitry which is needed for the repairs. An explosive shotgun is highly recommended for this event. Dying isn't a big deal as you simply respawn outside and it's pretty difficult to actually fail this event, unless you run out of time.

Verdict: It's fun but tough to do solo, playing the instruments is pretty much impossible as you get attacked within ten seconds, so it's pretty much just guarding the jukebox. It would be cool if BGS could expand this event a little bit, by letting us build basic defenses like turrets and punji traps.

Region: Mire

Rewards: Tattered Field Jacket, (Traveling) Leather Coat

Always Vigilant

Difficulty: Hard

This event looks like a simple protect job. It's not. Well at face value it is, but it is highly bugged. Basically what happens is that if the rover gets attacked within the final 15-20 seconds, it will bug out and not advance the event even if you repair it before the timer runs out. It will just stay there instead of going back into its hole and you wont be able to finish the event. So make sure you watch for that last rush which always comes as the timer winds down. VATS is highly recommended for this event.

Verdict: If they fix the bug where the rover doesn't advance the event whenever it gets attacked in the last seconds, it's a decent event. Just protect the thing while it does its thing. But right now it's too inconsistent and can bug out, also why are the turrets hostile to you? I thought you were helping the rover fix the bunker, those turrets should be attacking the mob spawns.

Heart of the Swamp

Difficulty: Moderate

This event is not easy to fail but i have died a few times when the heart closes and a bunch of feral ghouls spawned behind me. So just watch out for that, and a heavy weapon like a gatling gun is highly recommended for whittling down the heart's health bar. Something big will spawn when the heart has about 1/4 life left, either a mirelurk queen or grafton monster. Either way you should focus on killing it before finishing off the heart because they will target you immediately.

Verdict: This event is alright, the spawns are pretty consistent and don't bug out. I'm happy with it.

Irrational Fear

Difficulty: Easy

Simply follow the robot to three nearby locations and protect it. Usually 3 honey monsters spawn, sometimes you get a big yao guai. As long as you have enough firepower it's difficult to fail this event.

Verdict: Besides having to listen to the robot's neurotic ramblings, it's a pretty straightforward event.

It's a Trap

Difficulty: Easy

As long as you are equipped to kill a scorchbeast on the ground this one is easy. The only difficulty is even seeing it on the map because other outfit hunters are looking out for it, and it usually ends in less than a minute. Show up, hit the siren, scorchbeast comes and lands, kill it on the ground with melee.

Verdict: It's fun, it's easy… it either needs to last longer or have a shorter respawn time. The lottery is not in the rewards but whether or not you see it on the map in the first place.

Region*: Cranberry Bog

Rewards: Asylum hats and outfits

I don't do these anymore because I'm not that into the asylum stuff, but they are pretty straight forward as long as you know how to deal with scorchbeasts. Make sure you have enough materials especially steel to repair the turrets. I think they patched it now but it was fun when you sometimes scrapped the mods in your stash for steel when repairing the turrets.

Line in the Sand

Difficulty: Moderate

This event is pretty easy, the only real threat are the two scorchbeasts that show up. If you have the mats you can repair the missile turret for some extra firepower, otherwise it's perfectly doable without it, as long as you are equipped to deal with sb's.

Verdict: It's pretty good, no bugs so far. Sometimes takes awhile for event to progress despite killing all the tagged scorched.

Region: Ash Heap

Rewards: Miner hat and uniform (clean)

Battle Bot

Difficulty: Easy

You show up, kill the sentry bot, then go to the bunker and activate the keypads and the doors open. Blast the two mr gutsys inside, press the red button and job done. I don't really get this event, but it's super easy to do.

Verdict: I feel like bethesda had something else in mind here, but right now it's just murder and pillage the innocent robots.

I know I haven't covered every single one, but these are the ones I run regularly. They are mostly enjoyable, except for the bugs, and have a decent variety. I wish I could do more of the daily's, because they don't feel very daily, more like once every couple of days whenever the game feels like it. Hopefully this info is useful to someone, and feel free to ask anything you might want to know about the events, or share some of your own tips and experiences. Happy hunting!

hafakrI - Some thoughts and feedback on the events from an outfit hunter.


aG60SqV - Some thoughts and feedback on the events from an outfit hunter.


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