Some thoughts and notes from my four hours in the B.E.T.A

fallout 6 - Some thoughts and notes from my four hours in the B.E.T.A

MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD (X-post from r/fo76)

So after participating in the Beta for the entirety of the run last night I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to talk about, so please bear with me. (I went in blind, only having seen a trailer or two and played 2,3,NV, and 4)

1) Weather. Now this is something that kind of bothered me right out the door is The atmosphere the game takes; with all the trees and distance rendering; other than looking at the compass it was pretty hard for me to tell where I was going, the fog being crazy intense and the darkness basically making it impossible for me to go anywhere, and while I appreciate the darker nights; a simple control panel for brightness would be greatly appreciated. I did not see rain or any other weather than the intense fog and darkness for quite an extended period of playing.

2) HUD. Now there were a couple of things that did bother me about the HUD, first off was how cluttered it got whenever a new quest started off and finding how often i was just un-selecting quests just to be able to see everything. I get it’s more MMO-style quest log, and it works very well, but hoooooly moly did I run through a lot of places that would just rack them up.

Another point on this was the FOV, I felt that, atleast personally, that the FOV was way too zoomed in, and going around was a bit disorienting for me, although that’s just a personal gripe.

The rest of the HUD looked beautiful and I loved the Food and water sections.

Having a overlay of text option for notes would be good too, as with fading and lighting, some of the notes and papers really strained my eyes to try and figure out what they said.

Finally on this topic, one other thing that kind of bothered me was that for some reason audio logs had no subtitles; and with all the sounds and music going on it got really hard to even pay attention to what was going on, must have listened to the overseers logs 3-4 times before I got what she said.

3) Location and sights to see. Now THIS is something that shines through to me, having been to West Virginia quite a few times; I instantly fell in love with how well it was captured. Now I can’t speak for the whole map, as I only got a chance to do four hours worth of blind gameplay, but the areas I got to go through were absolutely stellar, even with the aforementioned Fog and Darkness. The areas I really got to see were George’s…farm? I don’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it’s a workshop east of Vault 76, along with the Vault-Tec university and a couple of locations from the Responders quest line. What all I saw was amazing and very beautiful, and getting to see it with a buddy was a real good feeling.

4) Character systems and combat I know it’s supposed to be empty, but I really did miss fighting raiders, and while the scorched are cool as heck it just feels like a totally different beast than any other fallout games; but what I did fight was unfortunately fairly easy; only having died once from a badly timed grenade of my own. For reference I played a Melee character up to about lvl 8, 5 STR and a serrated Machete with lvl 3 gladiator off the bat, I had little problems with damage management and when I caught a disease (swamp itch) it was really cool to have the game tell me I was suffering from it, and when it wore off to say I was feeling better was a pretty relieving thing, since it lowered my agility: all the systems work really well and the integration of a survival-lite mode really does it for me in this game. I can’t speak on mutations since I didn’t find any heavily irradiated areas, but I wasn’t looking for them.


Going back to the point I started this section with for a moment, the non-humanoid enemies were absolutely amazing, I was able to find a good sample size of enemies, from derelict robots, to ticks, to giant toads, it more than made up for the lack of raiders; even if they were still missed.

5) Social play. Now this is where this game shines absolutely beautifully. I was playing with one good friend over chat, and while I focused on tankiness and melee, he focused more on gunplay and tech smarts, like hacking. It worked beautifully, having someone else there really made it all fit together, and fallout may never be the same without a buddy there to taunt you after you blow yourself up with a grenade. We did have a small dip in frame rate once or twice when near each other, but it’s nothing that even remotely decreases me enjoyment of the multiplayer aspect, and it was so cool running across random people out in the wasteland (the two that we saw outside the main areas)

The only thing was for some reason i couldnt join him, but he joined me and it worked very smoothly from there.

6) Guns, equipment, and crafting.

Now im gonna start this by stating that once again, i was a melee character. I did however, use a small sidearm for emergencies (pipe revolver, and later a snubnised .44) and from what i saw it worked beautifully, sounds were right on target, animations worked great; and everything worked as intended; i especially like the leveled weapon system, and trading up to a level 5 machete with a small damage boost felt really good and rewarding to craft it once i hit 5.

i was able to find a legendary effect item, a leather arm that gave a brief invisibility field after being hit by melee with a 30 second cooldown and it worked like a charm with my build, so i guess call that luck. The armor system was really nice and i greatly appreciated the use of outfits, going around mainly with the Mechanics Jumpsuit over everything felt cool, but i wasnt sure if there was a way to put armor on top of that or if i was just stuck with the base outfit, however this hardly mattered to me in the long run.

7)Bugs and stuff. I hardly had any problems other than some minor clipping, and a single particularly funny instance where one of the drop-off drone things decided yo work like a car and scooted across the map, nearly taking out my buddy in the process, but other than that i only had one other issue, and that was for some reason i kept hearing radio static CONSTANTLY once i entered and left vault tech university; i teleported back to my workshop and still heard it; but this was minutes before the beta ended so i was not able to see if re-logging fixed it.


Overall it was a wonderful experience for a Veteran Fallout player, and i think they really outdid my expectations; with very few gripes.

Very well done BETA, I cant wait for the next oppourtunity to play again.


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